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  Post subject: Rival Event Questions
Post Posted: May 10, 2018 9:52 am 
Anonymous Fish

This game is old so this question is a bit of a long shot, but....

I poured through old forum topics and did searches of both English and Japanese sites and would love if someone could confirm/deny the ability to see ALL of the rival events.
Has anyone actually seen the yellow (fourth) rival heart events for everyone in this game? There are no YouTube videos of the yellow heart events so I'm kind of nervous if I start all over I'm going to end up wasting my time. Have people been successful with giving bad gifts to lower affection and then seeing the events?

At the very least, can people confirm that they actually continued to see rival heart events after getting married/having kids?

Just to reiterate, I'm looking for peoples' personal experience with this, not what the guide says or what others have said theoretically should happen.

Thank you so much :)
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  Post subject: Re: Rival Event Questions
Post Posted: May 20, 2018 5:16 am 
Anonymous Fish

I can't tell you for sure (as I got in-game married five real-life years ago already), but I do remember being pretty brassed off by the fact that after marriage, you can't view any heart events with other marriage candidates, meaning I couldn't see blue or yellow with Emiko (who was my favourite of the girls; I wish I'd married her instead!)

On that note (and also kind of off topic) to make up for that I give Freya (my wife) a bad gift every day and watch her FP drop. :D
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