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  Post subject: so lost
Post Posted: Jun 23, 2021 3:22 pm 
Anonymous Fish

Help. I am new to the game and trying to figure everything out.. Any Tips?
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  Post subject: Re: so lost
Post Posted: Jun 23, 2021 3:49 pm 
UNoT Extreme Mooomber
UNoT Extreme Mooomber

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Well, first of all, hang tight, because all of the first spring is going to be dull. I LOVE ANB, but the entire first season is on slow-mode, as if forcing you to learn the game verrrrry slowly.

It picks up a lot more after that,'ll finally get the Town Restoration Plan on the go. Once you have that, you'll probably find your direction pretty easily. :) Oh, and ANB is great for allowing you to achieve early unlocks. If you ever really want or need to unlock a specific crop, you can often do it by other ways than just waiting for them to unlock via the passage of time. You can unlock some crops early by shipping X-many of 'this' crop or 'that' crop/product. You can also use save-resetting festivals to get different prizes...winning a festival usually has seeds as one of the prizes. That's how I unlocked Sanjay and Amir in summer Year 2 when everybody was saying it wasn't possible until Year 3 (or at least winter year 2)...because I used the festival system to get sweet potatoes early.

Don't forget to fish AND trap once you're able to. When you unlock recipes in the game, you'll have a chance of fishing (and trapping) up food recipes and blueprints and blueprint fragments. You can also get those via mining. A portion of recipes are ONLY available from fishing and mining, and some of them are candidate favourites, so...yeah. If you have free time in the game, don't waste it by heading to sleep early or something...go fish/trap/mine :)

You can also get gifted blueprints (and I think recipes?) from residents. Iroha in particular is important to befriend as quickly as you can, as she gives you upgraded tool blueprints.

I don't know if that helps, but if you have no idea what to do at all, hopefully that'll give you a little bit of direction. :)
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