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Post Posted: May 04, 2016 10:38 am 
Wacky Weed Puller
Wacky Weed Puller

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Hi you,

I got the tree seedlings and didn't find my needed infos:

How many days will it take (HE-3) for the seedlings to mature?

If a Grapefruit tree starts flowering in spring, it will produce 4 days after the flower died. Ok, but:
How much Grapefruit will there be per harvest and will the tree produce all year long or only in spring? (Because crops are also culturable all year long)

Will the tree even start flowering when it's maturing is done in the middle of the season it produces first?

Space: A tree will need a 3x3 space and be planted in the center of it. It shouldn't overlap it's free space with the one of anothter tree. Ok, but:
May I plant a tree on a terrace where are only three spaces (or 2)? Or must be the 3x3 all in the same elevation?
xxx = = HE-3
xox = HE-3......or.......xox = HE-3
xxx = = HE-3

Thank you for your help :)

Ok, a few things i found out by myself:
1) The maturing process does depend on the soil, so if it's to dry, it will take a year or longer, and if it's grassy, then it will take only one or two seasons. After that you have to wait for the correct season of course.
2) I don't know if a tree will start first time blooming in the middle of the season, but I don't think so. -Just a gut instinct.
BUT it will produce 1 fruit (!!!), not more. And I also think, it will only produce it's special season long, also a gut instinct...
3) Still I don't know, if the 3x3 space has to be all in the same Elevation, but it is possible, that my trees I have planted at my terrace will never mature. Also I have a tree at the steps near the entrance - I planted it five seasons ago and it's still youth....
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