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Does Kasumi ever change her stance on men?
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Author:  Nurse Fin [ Mar 06, 2017 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Does Kasumi ever change her stance on men?

B7N wrote:
I stopped reading when I saw "oppressed" and I'm gonna post this because I have nothing to lose getting banned from a girls' forum.

Imma tell you one thing, for someone who swings towards secularism, these girls have a tendency to fall into the same old circular thinking that religious people have almost invented, because trust me, I've had enough of the same "I'm a victim therefore I'm right" arguments, which is an argumentum ad passiones, and this circlejerk of logical fallacies is already way past the tolerable « Male Cow Poopoo » limit, everyone outside your little safe space knows it, so do yourself a favor and keep your femevangelism to yourself and your cult members.

Wow, you are so woke.

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