This is definitely a spoiler about the relationships

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I have been looking around the various sites trying to find a written walkthru for the game but I guess I am too old . . . school anymore. So in the interest of letting others, who have the same questions I did, know what I discovered - I am writing this down. Anyway the rest is going in a tag so if you clicked by accident you can still exit.
Yes, all the eligible people can be dated at the same time. I have been talking to and gifting all 5 males seeing all of the heart events at the same time. I had all of them close enough to 6 that if I gifted them a favorite then they would be at 6 hearts. The fireworks festival was going to happen the next day and you couldn't go with anyone unless you were dating them. So I decided to see if after you gifted them and they were at 6 hearts, you could turn around and give them the confession pendant and get their 6 heart confession scene. Yes you can. Downside: 1 of them I was unable to gift a favorite but that one also had his birthday that day so his liked gift was good enough. Then I saved before the festival and went first by myself then would reload and talk to one my beaus then reload and go with another one. After viewing each of the scenes I realized that they are all pretty much the same, with maybe one line of dialogue that was really different. Also, in seedling mode, you raise the persons heart level that you go viewing with by 1.5 hearts without doing anything else but saying yes. So my next problem became who was I going to go with for the save? Gotta say none of these guys have been super "pick me! pick me!" stand outs. So I have decided to go with the practical: My save will be that one bachelor that I can't give a favorite gift to because my cooking and mining skills aren't there yet. So I have decided to see the fireworks with Ralph and give a favorite gift to the other four a couple of days in a row until all of them are back on the same level again.