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Post Posted: Apr 13, 2009 6:42 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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I'm not quite sure I understand how to gain up rank with cooking (or maybe because it's a side task I don't really pay attention to it ^^;) but I've been cooking oodles, but I'm still at amateur. Is there a method to the madness?
I figure at the top of the list the food is easier to cook then further down the list it gets harder. Do you gain more experiance from succeeding at the hard recipes? or just from succeeding at a good amount of recipes, because I'm rocking at cooking smelt tempura right now, but getting nowhere by it (well.... I guess maybe as far as a rice cake gets me, lol)

and also, where do I find Gobys (for goby tempura). The closest thing I can find are gogis... but that's not right is it?
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Post Posted: May 15, 2009 2:20 pm 
Anonymous Fish


Well indeed the way you gain cooking skill level is quite mysterious
You definitively have to check this page

You maybe never noticed such a page in this site, cause it seems as well there is a quite mysterious lack of link for it, actually I don't remember how i found it and just spent half a google hour going back on it

In the cooking page you'll learn how to upgrade your cooking skills
why easier recipes are easier to do ...
you'll learn as well that goby tempura recipe requires haze fish (??? don't ask me why, i think part of my appeal for this game is it's poor realization :)

good luck and thanks for your answer in the "itou" topic

getting closer to the river king !! mwa ha !
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