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Author:  Kikki [ Apr 20, 2021 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW AC:NH mega-thread

I had loads of LotV when I was at 4 stars. There was one other person on Fogu who had the same issue, but I don't remember which person it was. We talked about it briefly in the first ACNH thread but that thread is so big, and I don't remember when it was.

The site I linked previously (at the top of page 8 ) gives a full explanation of how every item in town counts for or against your development/scenery total (which is what the stars are based on.)

Weeds don't actually contribute negative points, but it does contribute BONUS points if you have fewer than 100 of them. You still get a bonus even if you're over 100, but that turns it into this formula: (1000 MINUS "number of weeds" DIVIDED BY: 30. So if you had 400 weeds, that'd be 1000 - 400 / 30. Which would equal 20. So even at 400 weeds, you'd still get 20 bonus points to your total, lol.)

Basically, weeds don't matter a smidge. You'd have to have 971 weeds before your bonus would drop to 0, which would just mean you wouldn't receive any points toward your development/scenery total for weed-reduction.

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