RF4 - does anyone else get this feeling? SPOILER

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Hello all, i'm new here, i'm Kiraco y'all can call me Kira, Ki, or just K (i don't see an intro section so i'm lumping this into this post)

anyways, i posted something similar on reddit, as Mikira_Star. (if the one person who agreed with me in the comments sees this, hi-)

Theres a song i know called Terrestrial Sacrifice of Nyazathoth by Nekonomicon.

Does anyone think you could see this song as Venti and Ethelbi- *cough cough* excuse me, Ethelberd arguing?

Song -

Lyrics - https://genius.com/Nekonomicon-terrestr ... oth-lyrics

Feels like the like in Craig's part "When I've always struggled to breath, with scars left from strangers" could be his hatred towards earthmates?
What do y'all think?