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Post Posted: Dec 01, 2004 11:52 am 
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Name: Harvest Moon Sprite Station
Console: Nintendo DS
Release dates:
- Japan: March 17 2005
- US: August 15, 2006
- Europe: Summer/Fall 2006

Official Websites

Help Websites
- (Japanese)
- (Japanese)
- (English)

General Information
- The environment for the game is in Forget-me-not Valley, the same area used for the Gamecube and Ps2 versions of A Wonderful Life.
- The game takes place 100 years after AWL.
- The sunlight in the game will drastically change through the day. It is light in the morning, brigher during the day, turns orange at dusk, and goes almost completely dark at night.

GBA Connectivity
- The DS has game slots to handle a DS cartrige and a GBA
cartrige at the same time. You can plug in your copy of FoMT (Boy or Girl) into the DS to unlock new events and items in the DS version of the game. As you play through both games you will receive a Mineral Town newspaper in your SS mailbox.
- The newspaper you receive will talk about your FoMT (Boy or Girl) game and give some very, unbelievable, stories. Such as you have entered the cow festival 100 times, you're the rock/paper/scissors champion, and others. Even if you really did not do such things in FoMT you'll be sent a newspaper about it saying so.
- To make the connection you only have to plug in your FoMT game into the GBA slot when the DS is turned off. When you load your SS game, the console pulls the data from the GBA slot.
- As you play through both games, you can receive new DVDs to buy from Ban depending on how far you are in FoMT. The Dvd player sits on top of your tv inside of your house and you can select which dvd to watch. The dvds are from shows that appeared in FoMT (farmhouse shows and town cottage shows).

Duel Screens
- The DS has two screens; the top screen will display your character in the Valley, the second screen will display your rucksack inventory. When you are talking with a villager, the Inventory screen goes away and their portrait and message text will appear in the bottom screen.
- The lower screen also holds the map of the valley, which is sectioned off into grids. You can select a specific area of the map and then zoom in to get a closer look.
- Along the left-side of the lower screen are the selections you can make. You can access the save diary, your rucksack, the world map, summary notebook, and the sprite's station. You would use the stylus to select which option you want to appear in the lower screen.

The Station
- The bottom screen also holds the Sprite's "station". One of the things you can do is request the background music to be changed via their station.
- The station holds 9 channels; Weather (chan 1), Shopping (chan 2), Sprite info (chan 3), Animal info (chan 4), Background Music (chan 5), Daily News (chan 6), Variety shows (chan 7), Tutorials (chan 8), and a Quiz show (chan 9).
- You select the channel you want by choosing the Sprite Channel from the lower touch-screen, then selecting the channel by using your stylus wand.
- The only channels that are available at the beginning of your game is channel 1 and channel 8. As you progress you can unlock the other channels. Channel 9 is the hardest to unlock because it requires you to ship 100,000 of 1 type of item you produce from your farm.

- The Witch has set the Sprites out to hunt the world for the missing Harvest Goddess. If you want their help on your farm you'll have to find them.
- Different colored Sprites are divided into "teams". Different teams are in charge of different tasks on your farm. Basically you're hiring the whole team and not individual Sprites like in FoMT.
- Sprites are hired by using Metals for currency (not G).
- You can find Sprites by just playing the game. I.e., you can find your first Aqua Sprite (Watering Team) just by interacting with your farm pond.
- You will start out with knowledge about 3 Sprites; Leader, Abacus, and Afro. The rest you'll have to find, and the Summary page (touch screen) lets you know how many you've found. If you click on the Sprite icon next to the amount of Sprites, you can read the names of the Team Sprites you've found.
- The first time you find a Dealer Sprite, the Casino will open in the back room of the Sprite's tree. You can exchange Medals for G, or exchange Medals for prizes (FoMT Won's seeds, books, and accessories). The most expensive item is 65535 Metals.
- In the Casino you can play Blackjack, Poker, and a card matching game. You have to find the appropriate Dealer Sprites before the games unlock.
- Sprite locations:

- The same animals appear in the DS version as in the GC/Ps2 version. You will have Cows (Star, Marble, and Normal), a Horse, Cat, Dog, Ducks, Sheep, and Chickens.
- To harvest produce from a Cow or Sheep you have to use the DS' stylus pen to interact with the animal.
- Petting the Dog also requires the stylus pen.
- You can also wash your animals like in A Wonderful Life
- There is a a Duck Festival on Spring 18
- You will start the game with the standard floppy-ear Dog and a black Cat.
- Raising an animal's affection takes a very long time. Each 'heart' an animal has counts for 100 points, with 10 hearts = 1000 points. When you take care of your animals each day you will earn a set number of points:
Cows/Sheep: 1 pt for talking, 1pt for being outside, 1pt for washing/brushing
Chickens/Ducks: 1pt for picking up, 1pt for being outside
You also can use the Touch Glove to earn an unknown number of points

- The game will combine characters from AWL and FoMT.
- New types of Harvest Sprites: Dealer (card shark), Afro (big green hair), Abacus (math), Baby (crawling sprite), and Leader (commander-like).
- The Sprites will let you know of events that happen on your farm, even if you're off wandering the valley.
- There is a new Goddess introduced; unlike the Harvest Goddess from the past, this new Witch Goddess is supposibly evil (but she seems more misunderstood).
- HMDS takes place 100 years after AWL. The decendants of the original villagers are living on the valley. The great-great-grandchildren do not use the same names as their ancestors.
- New names - Badog (Dr. Hardy), Ban (Van), Harifu (Cliff), Panama (Romana), Gareedo (Griffin), Mick (Rick), Purple (Blue), Kaain (dig site Carter), Ash (Marlin), Shuren (Hugh), Sebastian (Sebastian), Julia (Chris), Rui (Ruby), Ain (Kai)
- There are 14 potential wives - Aafi (Ann), Arisa (Popuri), Erisu (Elli), Kaarii (Karen), Reona (Lumina), Marivia (Mary), the two Goddess', Serena (Celia), Nasuka (Nami), Furen (Flora), Muu (Muffy), the Princess, and Lettuce the mermaid.
- The villagers and girls from Mineral Town will come visit the valley on days off. Erisu comes by on Wednesday when the clinic is closed, Marivia on Monday when the Library is closed, etc. Aafi seems to pop in at the Inn every so often. Purple hangs out at the dig site on Thursdays when Saibara's shop is closed.
- In the English version of the game the character's names will be the names we are more familiar with. Mick will be Rick, Arisa will in fact be Popuri, and so on. Bertal's English name is Barney, Mime is Mimi, Lettuce is Leia, and Kirara will be Keira.

- You can grow trees from saplings purchased at Bess' farm. There are Peach, Apple, Grape, Banana, and Orange trees. Trees take several seasons to grow, but you don't have to water them.
- Crops have "levels"; throwing another bag of seeds on top of the ones you just planted will level up your crops.
- The seed maker from AWL also exists in SS.
- You can build a Mushroom House to grow fungus in. There are 6 palates you can place a log onto, then sprinkle mushroom seeds onto (sold by Bess). The mushrooms constantly renew their growth after you pick them, and they come in 3 sizes.
- If you get the seed maker, you can grow the wild mushrooms inside of your mushroom house.
- On the 30th of a season, you will receive a letter telling you that new seeds are now for sale. You can buy the next season's crop seeds and plant them on the 30th. The seeds will NOT disappear when the 1st of the next season comes around. You are taking off 1 extra day for a full grown plant.

- If you earn 1,000,000,000 you will be given an option to buy an island. Thomas will stop by the 1st day of the new season and ask if you wish to purchase it. If you have spent all of your money by then he will not stop by.
- You can also purchase a cannery (canned fish, etc.).
- Ban still comes to the valley on days that end in 3 or 8 (ie. 3rd, 18th, etc.). You will find him behind his orange crate on the 2nd floor of the Mite Mitei Inn.
- Near Gasuta (Galen) and Anna (Nina) house is an area set asside for the "Baataru" (battle?) Circus. After you have been married and have had a child, the Circus will arrive.
- The Witch will give you photographs for doing things like pulling 10 weeds, pulling 100 weeds, giving her 10 gifts, etc.
- There is a Teleport Necklace you can purcase using Metals you win from the Sprite mini games. It works exactly the same as the one in FoMT, but you don't have to dig down to floor 255 of a mine to find it. The necklace does zap 2 Fatigue points every time you use it.
- You can ship the food you cook in your kitchen, but only if you place it in the Basket first, then dump the Basket into your shipping bin. You can also use the Cannery.

Mini Games
- If you inspect your dog's house at 4:44 am (middle of the night) you can start a battle RPG that the Witch initiates. Similar to the mini game at the end of River King Advance, you are given a list of moves to use against your opponent, who is one of the potential wives in the game.
- If you go inside your house at exactly 00:00 (midnight) and then investigate your tv, you can play a mini game with the Witch. It is very similar to Won's Apple Game in FoMT:G.
- Exit your house in the morning and go directly back inside. If you're lucky you'll re-enter at 6:01am. Inspect the record player and you'll activate a counting game. You'll see a group of girls and then be asked how many of a certain girl were on the screen.
- After you have de-stoned the Harvest Goddess, visit her pond and throw in gifts to make her appear. If you throw in 20 gifts you'll be able to play the Goddess tv show game from FoMT, where you pick if the number will be higher or lower. After you first play her game, every 10 gifts will activate the mini game.

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  Post subject: Screen Shots
Post Posted: Dec 28, 2004 9:44 am 
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UNoT Dictator

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Famitsu magazine scan (large image)
Nintendo press release conference pamphlet
Nintendo DREAM magazine, page 30
Nintendo DREAM magazine, page 31
Nintendo DREAM magazine, page 32
Nintendo DREAM magazine, page 33
[center]<table cellpadding="5"><tr><td width="219" valign="top">Image
"Good morning, Morikana-san! Tomorrow the Chicken Festival will be at the Beach."</td><td width="215" valign="top">Image"Hey, is the work finished? It is difficult every day, isn't it."</td></tr><tr><td valign="top">Image
"... and I want you to prepare it"
(Win 2, possibly Thomas' Winter Request event)
</td><td valign="top">Image</td></tr>
<tr><td valign="top" width="219">Image
Top screen: player sleeping.
Bottom screen: World map.
</td><td valign="top" width="219">ImageLegendary Sword. Found in the Ore Mine's depths. An outstandingly sharp blade.</td></tr></table>

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  Post subject:
Post Posted: Mar 31, 2005 5:48 pm 
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Badoggu (Hardy) will stop by your farm in the morning and see if you need a checkup. If you agree (option 2) he will examine you.

- - -

- Visit Panama's mansion and you'll find Reona and Panama arguing, and Sebastian trying to appease to both of them. Sebastian asks you to interfere since he has not been able to stop them.

- - -

FoMT linkup events?:

On Wednesday visit (Hardy) house before 10:00 am. You'll find him, Erisa, and Toore talking to each other. Toore asks how your health is, since back in their town they also have a very healthy farm owner. All 3 of them are glad that you (and the "farmer" in Mineral Town) are healthy.

Visit Hardy's house again and you'll find Erisa and Toore working with him. Hardy will ask Erisa to fetch him medicine A, but she hands him medicine B instead. She feels awful for mixing them up but Hardy assures her that she'll do better.

On a Monday, visit Reona's bedroom and you can find her talking with Mivira. Mivira is writing a novel that Reona is interested in, and the two of them talk to you about your farm.

Aafi stops by the Inn to help Rui out.

At night go into Panama's bedroom, where you'll find her looking at a painting on her fireplace mantle. She says the painting was made by Jeff and asks if you've heard of him. Panama explains that Jeff was the owner of the general store in Mineral Town. The owner of the Winery would always tease him because of his health. Even though Jeff was weak he still continued to use his skills for painting and he never sold any of his paintings (you can't sell feelings after all). Now Panama has his painting and is determined that she will never sell it either.

Visit Panama's mansion at night and the two of you will be talking about the weather. Kaarii (Karen) will walk in and apoligize for interupting. She says she wants to ask about Jeff's Painting. Panama quickly responds that it is not for sale, but Kaarii replies that she's just there to see it. Panama asks her why she wants to see the painting and Kaarii explains that he's her ancestor. Panama is very excited to have one of Jeff's ancestors come by to visit and warmly welcomes her to view the painting. Panama then boots you out of her mansion so she can talk with Kaarii.

Purple and (Cody) are talking with each other if you enter (Cody)'s house.

- - -

Go to the Inn and you'll find nobody at the front desk. After you obnoxiously ring the front desk bell a numerous amount of times, Nasuka will yell at you from the back room.

- - -

Muu will ask you about your preferences for girls if you visit her at the Bar

- - -

Saraado asks his daughter Kerii to be more lady-like (which doesn't go over well with her).

- - -

- Leave the Sprite's tree and you may find Shuren (Hugh) being teased by Karii (Kate) next to the Goddess' Pond. ("stuid stupid stupid!" .. poor Shuren...). They are playing a word game together (called "shiritori" in Japanese) where one person says a word, and the second person has to think of a new word using the last letter of the first word. Unfortunatly Shuren can't think of a suitable word and gets laughted at by Karii.

- Visit Shuren's house later and he will be inside grumbling about being called stupid. He will ask you to teach him how to be better at that game. If you agree he'll be happy.

- Leave the Sprite's tree one day and you'll find the two children playing "shiritori" again. Shuren is more confident this time and did respond to Karii's word choice appropriatly. Karii is surprised a little but then chooses a new word, which Shuren replies with the same word that Karii started with (you're suppose to use a new word). That causes Karii to call him names again and runs off. Poor Shuren :(

- - -

- Walk into the exavation cave and Kaain will request your assistance because you own a Hammer. After you smash the wall you will have opened up the Ore Mine. Trigger the event again and you'll unlock the Jewel Mine.

- - -

- Serena event (by Myah) One is in the house, during the day while it was raining, but I don't think the rain had anything to do with it. When you enter she'll be cleaning dishes and accidently break one as you enter. She gets really worried that Vesta will get upset with her. No sooner does she speak of her then she comes in the door. She says Hi to you then asks about the dish. Serena starts to explain and then you are given the option of explaining for Serena, or just watching. I chose to help and Vesta doesn't seem to worried. Serena feels much relieved.

- Serena event (by Myah) The second appears to have been a rival event and took place in the storage shed to the left of the house. Vesta, Marlyn, and Serena must all be in there. I think that's the only prerequisite. When you enter Marlyn and Serena start talking... I didn't quite catch what was being said... I think Marlyn was dropping subtle hints that he liked her but she just seemed to be really confused and wasn't following what he was trying to say.

- - -

Furen (Flora) Rival Events?

- Visit the dig site and Furen will be telling Kaain that she's making curry for dinner. Kaain does not like curry :(

- Visit a second time and you'll find the two of them working. Furen will then say she found something and Kaain will ask her to show it to him. He is very excited about the item she dug up and compliments her.

Furen Heart events

- Black - Go into the dig site between 10:00pm and midnight and you'll get yelled at by Furen. She thought a strange person was sneaking around and is glad to discover it is just you. Since it is so late you can choose walk her back to the tent.

- Purple - visit the Inn and you'll find Furen nagging Rui. Furen is convinced that a drink she likes is sold at the Inn, but Rui doesn't understand what she is talking about. If you suggest you check out the other shop, Rui will remember that the drink inquestion is over at the Bar. Furen drags you (literally) to the bar for a drink. She's glad she found her favorite beverage and offer you some. Unfortunatly you get so blithering wasted that you pass out, leaving Furen to drag you back to your house. When you awaken she apologizes for making you drink the beverage.

- Blue - Furen found something and is trying to tell Kain, but he doesn't have the time to go with her. He requests that you accompany her. The two of you head off for the far southeast corner of the valley. It turns out Furen's discovery of a hot spring creates the onsen for you to use. The Onsen will regain your fatigue but not your strength. If you use the onsen 50 times the second one will unlock.

- - -

Nasuka Rival Events

- Leave the beach and you'll find Nasuka(Nami) and (Gustafa) talking by the pond. He tells her that he likes someone, and Nasuka is glad for him (rival event).

- Visit the beach later and you'll find Nasuka watching the waves. (Gustafa) walks up to her and comments on how pretty the ocean is.

- - -

Reona Rival Events

- Reona event: leave the sprite tree and you'll find Romeo asking Reona if she likes anyone.

- - -

Reona Heart Events

- Black - Walk into the mansion and you may come across Panama and Reona arguing. Sebastian is trying his best to stop the two of them from bickering but he's of no help.

- Purple - When you exit your house in the morning you might find that Reona has come by for a visit. She has heard that you own a Dvd player and she is interested in watching something. Agree to let her watch a Dvd and she'll be happy

- Blue - Exit the Sprite Tree and you'll find her around the pond. It seems as though she's lost a necklace and she can't find it. She will ask if you can look for the necklace with her. You can tell her that you'll look, or (#2) you have to get back to work.

- - - -

- Walk towards the beach during the Summer and you'll find Muu (Muffy) and Ain (Kai) talking to each other. Arisa (Popuri) will then walk up to them and ask Ain what he is doing. He tells her that he's talking with Muu, but Muu seems uncomfortable with Arisa's entry and leaves. Ain tries to stop her because they had not finished their conversation, then becomes angry at Arisa for scaring her away. His abruptness irritates Arisa and she leaves too, leaving him alone on the beach. (fomt connection required?)

- - -

Arisa (Popuri) Heart Events

- After you have some chickens Arisa might come by as you leave your house in the morning. She is there to thank you for buying things from their Chicken farm (you're their #1 customer!) and she asks you if you enjoy raising chickens. If you respond that you do (option 2) she'll be happy.

- Visit Takakura's house when Arisa stops by on Sunday. You'll find her talking to Tak. She calls him grandpa and Tak blushes, but requests that she call him by his first name. When you walk in you find the two of them together, and you can ask them if it's a "date". Don't choose the date option unless you want to make Arisa mad! Select the second one and she'll explain that she's there to learn about Chickens. Apparently her brother won't teach her anything so she has to find tutorage from another source.

- When Arisa has reached the Blue heart level, visit the Inn between the hours of 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Inside you'll find Mikku (Rick) and Arisa having a disagreement. Mikku doesn't feel that Arisa has the skills to properly take care of chickens. Tell Arisa that she's doing just fine (大丈夫)

- Yellow Heart: Visit the back room of the Inn and you'll find Rui cooking. Arisa walks in and wants some assistance. Her mom cooked a meal and Arisa wants to try and cook it as well (with Rui's help). The two of them will get to to work. When they've finished the meal didn't turn out as expected. Neither one of them understand what went wrong. If you select (喜んで食べる!) you'll eat it anywhere, much to their surprise.

- - -

Lettuce events

- (Purple Heart) Walk into Guriru's laboratory and you'll overhear him talking about solving Mother Nature's Mystery down in the basement. If you choose to investigate because of your concern for Lettuce (option #2) you'll go down into the basement. Guriru seems to think you believe he's using Lettuce as an experiment and he scolds you for saying such a stupid thing. Lettuce says she's not being used as a test subject and she can leave when she wants to. Your concern for her makes her happy though.

- (Blue Heart) Visit the basement and Lettuce will welcome you. She says she needs your advice on something. Lately she feels her cooking hasn't been good enough, but that can't be right! Lettuce asks you to try her new recipe for Baked Fish. Select option #2 and she'll hurry and make it for you. Her food is very good and she thanks you for your help.

- - -

(Serena event by Harklan)
On a sunny day in summer, I think it's a Wednesday, and at 5:00, I walked into the zone with the Sprite Tree. As soon as I enter the area, Serena (with a purple heart) shouts at me

My character has a question mark bubble appear, and then Serena continues speaking

She speaks for a bit, and asks a question. The answers are "Yameteaku" ) and "Ichi(something)ni(something)ku". If the first one is selected, my character shakes his head, and Serena walks away looking disapointed. If the second one is chosen, my character leads her to the pond above the Sprite Tree. Once there, Serena asks something about the Harvest Goddess, and then talks for a bit. After a few reactions from my character, she walks away in a cheerful mood.

- - -

(Muu event by Harklan)
I found another one. I think it's Muu's green heart event. I walked into the bar, and started talking with her. Then I was behind the counter, and I had two choices. It looks like she was asking me which ingredient would be best for a new drink, because after I answer, I hear her cutting something, and then she gives me something to drink. The top option seems to have been a bad ingredient, because she looks disapointed at my reaction. The second option however, gave her the heart thought bubble after I tried her concoction.

- - -

- Gusuta (Gustafa) - Spring 03
- Panama (Romana) - Spring 05
- Serena (Celia) - Spring 06
- H.Goddess - Spring 08
- Romeo (Rock) - Spring 09
- Yuria (Chris) - Spring 20
- Anna (Nina) - Spring 28
- Reona (Lumina) - Spring 29

- Muu (Muffy) - Summer 05
- Rui (Ruby) - Summer 11
- Garedo (?) - Summer 13
- Takakura (Takakura) - Summer 18
- Ain (Kai) - Summer 22
- Guriru (Daryll) - Summer 29
- Lettuce (mermaid) - Summer 30

- Nasuka (Nami) - Fall 24
- Moi (Murry) - Fall 29

- Saraado (?) - Winter 03
- Purple (Gray) - Winter 06
- Gasuto (?) - Winter 09
- (patrick and casey) - Winter 11
- Furen (Flora) - Winter 16
- Kirara (the Princess) - Winter 26
- Gorudi (Cody) - Winter 28
- W.Goddess (witch) - Winter 29

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Post Posted: Apr 04, 2005 10:10 pm 
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Finding important Sprites

- Tenjin
Go to the MiteMitie Inn and investigate the Orange Crate (from the north side) on the 2nd floor. You'll find this "abacus" like sprite, who opens a shop in the Sprite Tree.
* Goddess Earrings (restores a small amount of STR) - 400,000 G
* Kappa Earrings (restores a small amount of FTG) - 500,000 G
* Friendship Brooch (raises friendship a small amount) - 300,000 G
* Record (HM: Spring song) - 500 G
* Record (HM: Event song) - 500 G
* Record (HM2: Fall song) - 500 G
* Record (HM64: Opening) - 500 G
* Record (BTN: Opening) - 500 G
* Record (BTNG: Love Event) - 1000 G
* Record (STH: Summer song) - 1000 G
* Record (STH: Autumn's Forest song) - 1000 G
* Record (AWL: Fall/Winter song) - 1000 G
* Record (AWL: Blue Bar) - 1000 G
* Record (FoMT: Spring song) - 10,000 G
* Record (FoMT: Summer song) - 10,000 G
* Record (FoMT: Fall song) - 10,000 G
* Record (FoMT: Winter song) - 10,000 G
* Record (FoMT: Ending) - 10,000 G
* 10000 G Ticket (ship to earn 10,000 G) - 10,000 G (perhaps needed to complete shipped items list)
* 1000000 G Ticket (ship to earn 100k G) - 1,000,000 G
* Bokujyou Monogatari Cards (a pack of 5 collectable cards) - 150 G

After you buy a few records, you will unlock Sprite Station Channel 5.

The collectable cards will appear in your summary screen (click on the blue card to see them one at a time). There are 608 different cards to collect. There are COMmon, UNcommon, RARE, VERY rare, and SUPER rare. Each card has 5 slots for each category ( 608 x 5 = 3040 total)
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