Cubic Dudes - Living at farm

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:-| Hey there, i'm a fan of the ushi no tane franchise, particulary the first releases SNES, GB and PS1. I've loved them since i found them and... as others i always wanted to make a game about farming.
I have years working on mechanics and systems but never released them because i wasn't entirely satisfied with them, now i'm working in a project entitled
Cubic Dudes
, and i want them to start living at a farm.

Main mechanics are finished and i'm now polishing them: working on graphics, animations, etc. and, as soon as they are completed i will start working on the story, quests and sidequests.

:twisted: This will be a peacefull and cute game, and i want to finish it and then make it grow by addng new features and contents with updates.

Cubic dudes living at farm

You recieves as legacy from your granpa a Farm, it's on a peacefull town, as you grow your farm, the town also rises and new people comes to populate, old friends and sons and sisters from old citizens come back running away from life on big cities.

It's your chance to meet new people and make some friends among them.
Screenshots on the Spoiler.


Feaures so far
  • Seasons
  • Night and day
  • Weather (with TV system obvioubsly
  • Stamina system
  • Grow crops by seasons, 4 each season.
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Plant flowers and get honey
  • Fishing and fishing breeding
  • Resource collection: Wood, stone, iron (need to buy tools before collecting)
  • Natural resources
  • House upgrades (buy permission to have more land for animals and the orchard)
Mechanics finished not yet implemented
  • Horse mounting
  • Furniture
  • Mining
  • Dating and frienship points
Must have
  • Festivals
  • Handcrafting
If you can and you want please check it, i will be glad to recieve any feedback to make it better or even to include new suggested mechanics or content on the future.

Link to the game: version is browser playable, when finished it will be released for PC Linux and Android.