Winning (beginner) fishing contest

Restore the powers of the seven magical Skytrees to revitalize the valley and entice the villagers to move back to the local town. [ Game Guide ] JP release = None. NA release = Nov 2016. EU release = Jun 2017.
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Anybody know the point range you need to aim for, to win? The game kept telling me I was in the lead, even an hour before finishing, and then suddenly when the contest ended, EVERY other villager had about 6 to 7 THOUSAND more points than I did. Is it completely random? Like...can you sometimes win on 3000 points and sometimes lose on 9000 points? Seems like the game calling out who is in the lead doesn't actually mean anything.

I'd like to just quit, but I HAVE to win, to complete the story. :? I'm even doing the contest on beginner, and it's winter...I do NOT see how it's even possible to get well over 9,000 points since so few fish types are available now and they're mostly worthless, like perch and mosquitofish.

I searched the forum AND the internet, but unfortunately even counting places like Reddit and GameFAQs, there seem to be very little guide info on Skytree Village :(