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Hey all, longtime lurker here just looking for advice! I've played the later games in this series since I was just a kiddo, but I was unfortunately a little too young for the A Wonderful Life era. Given the scattershot quality of the guides, I figured I'd just ask some questions...

1. About how long will my cow give milk for? I'm currently on Summer 9 Year 1 and she's only giving me 2 B-grade milks, as opposed to the 3 A-Grades I got in spring. I'm not sure if this is due to the summer heat as Takukura said it would be, or if it's because she's running out of milk. Either way, I'm trying to plan out how to maximize my milk production before getting her pregnant with her next cow.

2. How does cow breeding work? If I get a marble cow and breed it with another farm's bull/miracle potion, will I get a normal cow or have a chance at another marble cow?

3. I'm trying to catch some rare fish. So far I've found the turtle (and caught a sizable Yamane), but I can't find the raccoon or the owl where it's said they are (at Vesta's farm or in the sprite tree). No pictures online either. Am I just looking in the wrong spots?

4. I've decided that I want to marry Gustafa (Rock is Rock, and Marlin's obsession with Celia borders on distressing at the best of times). But I've decided to challenge myself and see if I can raise his son to work with animals/be a Rancher. Any tips on how to get him there? And can I still go to the dig site/befriend Daryl without knocking him towards Scholar?
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Yeah, the summer heat will make cows produce less milk... I don't recall it lowering the quality but I could be wrong. I thought it was still just based on affection. Talk to it, brush it, feed it, let it out during sunny days and milk by hand, which this lowers your stamina faster, but it does raise the affection quicker. In fact, I believe using the milker increases the chance that your son will want to become a scholar too even so you may want to get used to milking by hand before Chapter 2 starts. And of course, if she's dirty, push her over to the watertrough and you'll be able to wash her with the brush. But so, cows give milk for 40 days after giving birth before they need to be seeded again, so your first cow will give until the start of Chapter 2 then you'll need to get a bull ready. You may want to go ahead and buy a bull because I think it'll take him 20 days to become full-grown to the point where he'll be able to breed.

If you use another farm's bull, then it basically just clones the cow you have but if you get a bull of a better breed and use your own bull with the cow then you'll have a higher chance of getting an offspring that is that bull's breed. So, in theory, you could get a bull and calves (male or female) of the same breed for the price of just the one bull.

The raccoon is walking around at the windmills on Vesta's farm, yeah. If the bridge is to the west and the Mineral Town mountain the east, then it'll be in the northeast of her farm along the northern cliffside as you're passing by before heading up the path to the digsite. The owl I don't remember as well but I feel like it's likely just sitting up in the Sprites' Tree if it's supposed to be at the Goddess Spring. You'll probably have to go into first-person view and look up in the big tree to see it.

It'll be difficult since he'll be strongly pushed into music and then if you spend too much time with Daryl or in the excavation site then scholar will become his secondary. But heavily befriend Takakura, buy the pond and hatch more ducks; purchase, hatch and/or breed a lot of animals and a lot of different kinds of animals. Breed cows with your own bulls; interbreed them. Buy the... admittedly mostly useless goat. It stops giving milk permanently after a while but it's good to keep around for extra rancher points. As well, you should probably hold off on getting the milking room, the food processing room or the seed maker for example because getting those during the child's impressionable stages will actually further push him into a scholar career. Just like you'll need to show him tools like your brush, shears or your original clippers, but NOT the electric clippers because that will also push him toward scholar, nor should you show him the hoe or the sickle because those would push him toward farming instead of rancher. You'll also have to be careful because his son is afraid of... at least the dog at first during his toddler stage, I can't remember if he's also afraid of chickens or not.
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