Neil's yellow heart event

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When I try to trigger Neil's yellow heart event it doesn't work. Either he's not there or it shows him walking around the house. I have seen all his other heart events, but this one is not working.
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The only conditions I know of for the yellow heart event are that it must be sunny, Neil must have a yellow, pink or red heart, and it must be a Fri/Sat/Sun, between 6 AM and 6 PM. If you have those conditions and have seen the green event (with catching the cow) then the yellow heart event should trigger as soon as you walk into his house.

Are you sure you saw the cow-catching green event? Usually when this happens and people have met every other condition, they've accidentally saved over seeing the event, undoing it. Meaning that if nothing else works, you should try to re-trigger the green event, just in case.
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