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Hiya everyone,

So I am trying to live out my childhood dream and finish a playthrough of BTN on PS4...I am a bit of a completionist, so I want all the rivals to get married. I've managed to get all married except for Ann and Cliff.

Frustrating, because the mechanics for rival marriage seem INCONSISTENT

For example, Popuri was able to marry Kai on a red heart. For Elli and Mary, I had to lower their red hearts to orange after seeing all of their rival scenes to instigate the wedding scenes. I have seen Cliff and Ann's final scene with Doug and Cliff, so I thought all I had to do was lower her heart to orange via some weeds and the wedding would instantly trigger like the others did.

Nope. So I lowered to yellow. Still nope. Any clue what is going on? I'm in summer year 3 if it matters.