Irritating discrepancy in guidebook

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Flint the sprite told me it was his birthday. I usually have the Fogu guide up but I have the guidebook sitting right next to me since I got the special edition package, and I looked and it said Flint’s loved gift was Crystal. I happened to have an ore so I refined it and gave it to him, and he said “yawn, I guess I’ll keep it but…” « What The Eggplant », now I just wasted how much money I could’ve gotten for it. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m only on spring year 1 of a new game and could’ve used the cash. I know HM is questionable these days but yikes. For their own guide book to be wrong?? Though the book does have Prima Games attached to it, and they've never been known to produce a good, accurate product...