Your Character's Energy Levels

In the upper-left corner on the top screen is your character's health and stamina markers. The health is represented by a face icon, and the stamina is represented by five heart markers. As you play through the game, your stamina and health will decrease. The healthier you are, the less stamina you'll use up when you are using your tools, planting seeds, and so on. Going to bed is the easiest way to restore these point values.

There isn't a way to permanently increase these values (the game does not have Power Berries), but you can slowly restore your health and stamina by equipping certain combinations of accessories.


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The face in the upper corner represents your overall character health. Your health is on a 100-point scale and the face will update depending on how many health points you have.

Your health is important because it is a stamina point multiplier. If you are in perfect health, above 90 health points, using a tool will half the amount of stamina you would typically lose (rounded down); instead of losing 5 stamina points from milking a cow using the Old Milker, you'll only lose 2 (5 x 50% = 2.5 rounded down to 2). If you have a green health face, then you will lose the full amount (5 stamina points).

Once you start feeling sick, the amount of stamina lost will increase. A blue health face will cost you 120% stamina (6 stamina points to milk the same cow) and a purple I-should-of-been-more-careful face will cost you 200% stamina (10 points), doubling the amount of stamina you lose when you use tools.

The easiest way to restore your healthy happy face is to simply go to bed or to eat something (+30 points). Another way to restore health is to jump into the Hot Spring that you can construct on your farm later in the game (+1 point). The blueprint is available from the Sakura Country vendor at the Trade Depot once you reach 5000 Customer Points with him.

As for losing health, you'll notice the face change when you step outside during a storm (-10), when you wake up after stay awake past midnight (-5 to -30), when you haven't eaten anything by 21:00 (-15), or when you pass out from stamina exhaustion (-25). Simply eating something, no matter the Star Rank of the food item, will recover your health by 30 points.


Your 100 stamina points is measured by the number of hearts you have. If you have all 5 hearts at full size, then you have 100 stamina points. Each heart can be at full size and then at a half size before it depletes down to the next heart. Most of the time a half-heart is going to be worth 10 stamina points, but the first half-heart is worth 20 stamina points. If you run out of hearts, you'll pass out and appear at Marian's clinic. The doctor will send you to bed for the remainder of the day.

As you use your tools, you will lose stamina points. The tools stamina cost as well as the impact from your health will result in the amount of points you'll expend with each tool use. Some tasks require multiple hits to accomplish their goal, such as hitting the soil with a hoe to till it for planting, but if you upgrade the power of your tools, then you can complete your task with fewer hits.

For example, the base stamina lost for planting seeds is -5 points. If you are at full health (yellow face) then you'll lose half that cost rounded down (2 points). That's why it is important to keep yourself healthy, as it helps you to conserve your energy.

An easy way to restore stamina during the day is to eat food. Raw crops are not terribly efficient in stamina recovery, so it is best to use your Kitchen to process the crops into something better to eat. The Star Rank of the cooked dish will affect the dish's stamina recovery, so eating a 5-star dish is best. A simple recipe I use is Boiled Egg, as getting 5-star Eggs is rather simple to do, and eating a 5-star Boiled Egg can restore over 25 points of stamina. Your farm house does not come with a Kitchen, so you will need to buy the blueprint from Ashe at Silk Country for 3000 G. The Kitchen requires 6 Small Lumber, 4 Lumber, 6 Small Stone Lumber, 4 Stone Lumber, and 3 Iron to construct. The recipe for Boiled Egg also comes from Ashe's booth for 1500 G.

To eat, find the item in your rucksack and press the A Button to select the Eat option.

Another way to restore stamina is to buy cooked dishes from Raeger's restaurant. The food you buy there will be eaten after purchase, and you aren't limited to just buying one item per day. Generally, the more expensive the dish in his shop inventory, the more stamina you'll recover.

Other ways to restore stamina are:

Note that the added Seedling difficulty mode also reduces the amount of stamina lost when using tools. Seedling mode cuts the stamina cost by 50%, so planting seeds when yellow-faced healthy will only cost 1 stamina instead of 2.

Accessory Combos

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Equipping certain groupings of earrings, necklaces, and rings will trigger special combos that can restore your health or stamina, or conserves stamina when using tools. The jewelry pieces are made by using the jewelry bench within your Sewing Shed, then placed inside your clothing closet so you can wear them. When you equip the correct items, the accessory panel will sparkle to indicate that you have triggered an accessory combination.

For stamina/health restoration, the available combinations are:

The accessories do not need to be equipped in specific accessory slots. As long as you have all three equipped, you'll trigger the combo benefits. You can only trigger one accessory combo at a time.