You'll find a variety of people living in the nearby village of Oak Tree Town. The town houses the local guild hall, the Trade Depot, various residences, and even several local shops. The villagers will walk from location to location according to their schedule, and you can watch their movements by using the bottom screen on your Nintendo 3DS. In this game, the villagers won't magically teleport from location to location; they will walk along the pathways, and you can chase them down to interact with them.

Marriage Candidates

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There are a variety of villagers who are available for marriage. Not every villager is potential spouse fodder; villagers such as Georgio (has a girlfriend), Corona (already married!), Marian (taken too), and Otmar (as sexy as the old guy can be) are not available candidates you can get married to, although you can still raise your relationship with them to trigger various random events.

You will find six marriage candidates for each gender of the main character. You can't marry someone of your own gender, yet you can customize your character with all available options for both genders.

If you don't know the steps you need to complete in order to get married, please read the How to Get Married page.

There are no rival marriages in Story of Seasons. The other marriage candidates will not marry each other.

Your Family

After you select your marriage candidate, complete the marriage requirements, and actually go through with the ceremony, you can start a family with your spouse. You will need to complete additional requirements to trigger the pregnancy event with your spouse.


There are 18 people who live in and around Oak Tree Town with whom you can make friends with. Some of them are magical creatures that only you can see, while others are normal flesh-and-blood humans.

Sub-Characters and Other Players

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If you have the StreetPass feature on your Nintendo 3DS enabled for this game, you can see other players wander around your Oak Tree Town after you have tagged them. Talking to these random players will bring up a profile screen where you can see the players' name, the clothing outfit they were wearing when you tagged each other, in-game year, farm name, livestock and poultry names, and other various bits of data.

There are also a variety of sub-characters who appear in the game. These villagers will talk to you, and even appear as contestants during competition festivals, but you can't give them gifts. These villagers will randomly wander around the town, just like the StreetPassed players will.

Some of the sub-villagers you'll interact with more often than the others. For example, on Sundays you'll find Jack in charge of the Trade Depot Information Desk (as Jonas takes the day off). The traveling salespersons, Rainer, Dmitri, and Susanne, will greet you at the doorway of your farm house when they have something to sell to you.

During a competitive festival, you'll also come across a festival judge. Saffron is in charge of the Cooking Festival, Del Cossa is in charge of the Fashion Shows, Matuba judges products entered in to Crop Festivals, and Woofio the dog-suited judge will examine your animals during the Animal Festivals. You'll never see the four judges outside of the competitions.

You'll also interact with the people in charge of their booths at the Trade Depot. Ashe is the vendor from Silk Country, Marielle is from Cabin Country, Yoshino is from Sakura Country, Kenneth is from Wheat Country, Ennio is from Rose Country, Katrina is from Ice Country, and Yolanda is from Tropical Country.