How to get Married

Marriage is an option you can participate in Trio of Towns. You do not *have* to get married if you would rather remain independent, but there is no rival marriage in the game that would allow the potential candidates to marry each other. You're the only one in the game that can get married, and you can only marry someone of your opposite gender.

There are a total of thirteen marriage candidates available. Two of them (Stephanie and Woofio) are available as download content in the Japanese version, and one of them (Inari) is the opposite gender of your character:














To persuade someone to marry, you'll have to raise your friendship with the person, see the person's friend events, start to trigger their heart events, and then give the person a going-steady pendant to confirm your dedication to the person. Once you hand over the pendant and you're an official couple, you must continue to raise the person's friendship level and see additional love events before you can give the person an item to propose marriage (or the person can give the item if you have completed additional requirements). The item required for marriage will vary depending on the village the person is native to. After the wedding ceremony the person will move into your farm house.

Basic Friendship Levels

Marriage candidates have a colored flower on their conversation dialog box. Each flower color represents 10,000 Friendship Points (FP). When you reach the point amounts, the flower will change to a new color. Each village has a specific flower that represents the culture of their town. Westown candidates have a rose as their affection indicator, Tsuyukusa Town has a camellia, and Lulukoko Village has a sunflower:

0 to
10,001 to
20,001 to
30,001 to
40,001 to
WhitePurpleLight BlueDark BlueLight Green

The maximum friendship level for single folks is 50,000 FP. You can also see friendship hearts of each candidate and villager inside your farm house bookshelf, with each heart representing 10,000 FP. The bookshelf also has half-heart markers whereas the flowers do not, so if you aren't sure how far along you are in a point level, check the bookshelf to see if you've reached the half-way point. Having 5 hearts next to a person's name in the bookshelf indicates that you have reached 50,000 FP with that person.

The special candidate Inari does not have a colored flower indicator.

Affection Points

Marriage candidates have a hidden Affection Point (AP) value. Earning these points come from participating in festivals, triggering love events, giving gifts, and wearing clothing that the person complements. AP becomes a factor when you are trying to have the person give you a going-steady pendant (a reverse confession), a proposal item (a reverse proposal), or you are trying to get back together with someone that you broke up with. If you're not interested in any of those things, you can ignore AP.

Starting Your Stalking

Once your chosen marriage candidate becomes available in your game, give the person a gift once per day to raise his or her Friendship Points. Accepting part-time jobs from your candidate will earn you +50 FP once the job has been completed, and picking up and showing an animal that the candidate likes will earn you +100 FP per day.

Before you can start to see your potential sweetie's love events you have to see the person's friend events. These are events that are available for either gender of main character. Candidates will typically have a friend event available at 5000 FP and again at 10,000 FP; Stephanie and Woofio only have the 10,000 FP friend event and not the 5000 FP event.

screen shot

After a candidate's gender-neutral friend events have been completed you can begin to see that person's love events. There are three love events you can see for each marriage candidate. The first love event requires you to be at a light blue flower color (20,001 FP), the second at a dark blue flower color (30,001 FP), and then the third at a light green flower color (40,001 FP). You can see these three events for any of the available candidates as long as you meet the event requirements for them to trigger. The love events move in sequential order. For example, you cannot see the light-green event unless you've seen the dark-blue event, and so on.

Seeing a candidate's love events will not negatively impact the affection of other candidates. There are no Jealousy Points in this version of the series.

You can continue to trigger love events until you commit to a candidate.

Becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend

After you have seen any candidate's light green love event, the next day the going-steady Pendent will be for sale at the general stores in Westown, Lulukoko, and Tsuyukusa. You do NOT have to make the Pendent yourself, but it does cost 150,000 G each (or 105,000 G in Seedling Mode). The Pendent is included in the Shipped Items list too.

screen shot

When you want to confess to your sweetie that you are committed to the future relationship, you will need to give this Pendant. Dessie will visit in the morning to explain how to confess your feelings to someone. The person you want to confess to must have a light green flower color, the day cannot be a festival day (in this version of Story of Seasons you can give the confession item on weekdays as well as weekends), and you have seen the person's two friend events and three love events. If the person you are pursuing is a shopkeeper, then you'll have to wait until the person is not working.

To commit to the relationship you can do it by either:

During the confession you can set a 6-character pet name for your sweetie to call you from now on or you can opt to use your own name. You'll also earn 10,000 FP with your partner.

From this point forward you can no longer see the love events of the other candidates. The candidate friend events will still be available though.

Exceptions: Inari, Stephanie, and Woofio

The three special candidates will trigger their marriage proposal after the light green love event instead of becoming boyfriend or girlfriend.

Advanced Friendship Levels

Now that the two of you are a couple, you can increase your sweetie's Friendship Points beyond the 50,000 FP limit. Only your partner can move beyond the light green heart color. All remaining candidates will stay at their maximum limit. Your partner will also have a second colored flower next to his or her name, and the listing in the villager summary page inside your farm house bookshelf will expand to display 10 hearts instead of 5 hearts.

50,001 to
60,001 to
70,001 to
80,001 to
and up
Dark GreenYellowOrangePinkRed

A new set of love events will become available as you raise your partner's flower color, which are necessary if you want to eventually get married to him or her. There is a yellow love event (60,001 FP), then an orange flower event (70,001 FP), and finally a pink flower event (80,001 FP).

One benefit to having someone who cares for you is you'll get free food once per day. If you have 50% or fewer hearts of stamina and you have free space in your bag, go talk to your partner to receive a cooked dish to eat.

Your partner will also celebrate your birthday. Walk into your farm house between 19:00 and 24:00 to be invited to a small birthday party just between the two of you. You'll also receive a flower bouquet or perfume. You can do the same thing for your partner's birthday by walking into your farm house between 19:00 and 24:00 on his or her birthday. The birthday celebration will earn you +1000 FP with your partner.

Breaking Up

If you decide to putz out of your relationship and want to break your commitment, all you've to do is lower your partner's flower color to light blue or lower. You can do this by giving bad gifts, preferably the person's horror-quality gift that will reduce friendship by -1000 FP. You do not want to gift wrap the item, since wrapping adds +50 FP and that's the opposite of what you're trying to do. Breaking up is only available if you are going steady with someone; a post-marriage divorce is not an option.

screen shot

During this time you can attend festivals, but keep in mind that doing so will increase friendship, making the break-up take a little bit longer. If you persist, eventually you'll reduce the person's flower color to light blue.

You can also have Witchie cast a prank on the person. Give her a Lulukoko tree fruit to ask her to use her magic to lower your friendship with a specific person. She also can change your face features when you give her a fruit, but sometimes she'll give you the prank option instead.

An easy way to drop your darling's friendship is to take the Pendant or a marriage proposal item and show it to other candidates. Each time you show it off you'll reduce your sweetie's friendship by about 2000 FP. Showing it off to another person can be done multiple times per day, even so far as to just stand there and show the item to the same person over and over.

Once the person has the required flower color, talk to him or her on a non-festival day when it is sunny weather on both your farm and the town where your (soon to be former) steady lives. For shopkeeper partners you'll also have to wait until the person is not working. You'll be given a choice to initiate a break up or to continue the relationship. Select the break up option to end it, where you'll see a short scene of your broken-hearted partner. The person's flower color will drop, its bloom will close, and the person will sadly accept your decision. The number of hearts next to your former partner's name in your farm house bookshelf will reduce to 5.

Other candidate love events will not trigger on the same day you broke up with your former candidate.

If you do change your mind and want to get back together, you won't need to go through the love events again. You'll need to wait at least 31 days since you broke up, your ex-sweetie has a light green flower color again, and the person has at least 90 AP. On a non-festival day and if the weather on your farm is sunny, give the Pendant again to get back together.

Preparing for Marriage

Before you can propose marriage you have to increase the size of your farm house to level 2 or higher. It does not matter which style you select (Western, Eastern, or Tropical) for proposing, just as long as you meet the minimum farm house size. The level 2 upgrade costs 150,000 G or 105,000 G if you are playing in Seedling mode, plus the following materials:

Ludus will have a King Bed for sale after you upgrade your house to level 3 (Large Western, Large Eastern, or Large Tropical) that will be required for the future pregnancy event. It isn't required for the marriage event though.

Proposing Marriage and the Ceremony

After you have completed the required love events, the marriage proposal item will appear for 150,000 G (or 105,000 G for Seedlings) in the town's general goods store where your sweetie lives. The Wedding Ring is used for proposing to a Westown marriage candidate, the traditional Blue Feather is used for a Lulukoko marriage candidate, and the Hair Comb is for a Tsuyukusa candidate. You will use the culture appropriate item when you are ready to propose marriage.

These three items are also included in the shipped items list. The item that doesn't appear pre-marriage will appear in the general goods stores post-marriage so you can buy and ship them.

The day you propose marriage cannot be a festival day and it must be sunny weather in your partner's home town. If the person is a shopkeeper then you'll have to wait until the person isn't working. You'll also need to have your dear at a red flower color and have the required house upgrade.

To propose you can either:

Once your proposal is accepted, the wedding will be scheduled for 7 days later. The date may shift to the next possible day if the wedding was to occur on a festival day. Talking to the villagers will trigger congradulatory conversation about your upcoming prenuptial ceremony. The portraitless villagers won't change their dialog.

screen shot

The location and style of the wedding and wedding clothes will be based on your fiance's home town: a Westown themed wedding for Ford, Lisette, and Wayne; a Tsuyukusa themed wedding for Hinata, Kasumi, Komari, and Yuzuki; and a Lulukoko themed wedding for Iluka, Ludus, and Siluka. Inari, Woofio, and Stephanie have small weddings with the town guardians as guests.

Your wedding ceremony will occur when you awake in the morning it is scheduled to take place. The towns' villagers and your family will attend, including Uncle Frank, with the wedding MC being the leader of the town (Megan, Ginjiro, or Tototara). You'll go through your vows, the Bells of Blessing will ring out, and then you'll hear all the congratulations from the villagers in attendance.

The ending credit will then roll. You'll start the next day back in your farm house. Since the wedding takes all day, your crops and animals won't be cared for, but everything will be okay.

After the Wedding

The morning after your wedding, your spouse will ask if you him or her to call you a new nickname; once this is set, that will be your new name your spouse calls you. Dessie will also stop by your farm house to magically give you a stamina heart.

If it is within 7 days of your wedding, talk to a villager to receive a wedding congratulations and an item as a wedding gift. The villager must have at least 30,000 FP (3 hearts) to receive a gift from him or her.

Your spouse will offer to help with collecting wild items such as colored quills, herbs, branches, rocks, and edibles. Talk to your spouse between 6:00 and 12:00 on a sunny, non-festival day to ask your spouse to go foraging; sometimes you may have to talk to him or her a few times to get the help conversation to appear. This isn't available for Inari since the deity doesn't live with you. Talk to your spouse again after 18:00 to receive the foraged items in your bag.

Now that you have someone else living in your farm house, your spouse will turn on the light when he or she is inside the house. No need to turn on the light every time anymore!

You can also have a meal time with your spouse (except if you're married to Inari, Woofio, or Stephanie). Press the A Button at your dining table at breakfast (6:00 to 9:00), lunch (11:00 to 14:00), or dinner (18:00 to 24:00) to start cooking a meal for your family, either on your own or by having your spouse cook it for you.

Birthday celebrations will also take place. Walk into your farm house between 19:00 to 24:00 on your birthday or your spouse's birthday to have a special dinnner party. For your birthday party you need to have empty space in your bag to receive a perfume gift.

The anniversary of your wedding ceremony date will be celebrated in a similar fashion. Just walk into your farm house between 19:00 and 24:00 to share a special meal with your spouse. After dinner the two of you will take a stroll outside and share a kiss.

screen shot

If you have the game DLC, 45 days after your wedding you'll receive a letter in the mail from Daryl, saying that your family plans on coming to visit today! Talk about short notice! This event will not trigger on a festival day, and the weather on your farm and your spouse's hometown must be sunny.

Your family has come to meet you and your spouse. Your spouse will greet your family and suggests a tour of your spouse's home town. Daryl likes that idea, while Marlena makes an excuse that she's tired from traveling and will stay behind to rest, allowing your spouse and father to spend some time together.

You and your spouse will show your father around town. After the tour is over, your father will ask to speak to your spouse alone. Daryl will ask your spouse if he/she feels that you are doing well with your dream to become a great farmer, and will thank him/her for helping you grow up.

Soon afterwards your family will head home. Your spouse will be worried that he/she behaved properly in front of your family (Woofio is worried that maybe he was suppose to take off his costume), but your spouse will be glad that the meeting went well.