Chicken and Rabbit Care

In the southwest corner of your farm is the poultry coop. In this building, you can raise chickens and fluffy angora rabbits. The chickens will lay eggs every day, and the angora rabbits will produce angora wool that you can sheer of their little pink bodies every 5 days. Poultry animals are purchased from Lillia's PoPoultry store.

screen shot
White Chicken
1500 G
screen shot
Brown Chicken
1500 G
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Angora Rabbit
3000 G

The only difference between the two chickens is their color. They both lay normal eggs.

When you first start caring for your grandpa's old farm, the poultry coop can hold 4 animals. You can care for more animals by hiring Gotts the carpenter to upgrade your poultry coop size. A coop remodel will require 350 Lumber, 200 Stone, and 5000 G. An upgraded poultry coop can hold up to 8 animals. Saibara will also sell a Mayonnaise Maker and a Yarn Maker at his forge after the coop's size has been remodeled.

Chickens and angora rabbits cannot die of sickness or old age.

Selling Animals to PoPoultry

You can sell unwanted animals back to Lillia. Her purchase price will be based on the quality of products the animal produces:


Angora Rabbits


The chickens and rabbits you buy from Lillia have a maximum of 5 hearts of friendship. The more friendship an animal has, the higher the quality of goods they will produce. Each heart of friendship is worth 24 points. Heart #1 is zero points to 24 points, heart #2 is 25 points to 49 points, and so on.

You can increase your friendship with your animals by:

Each of these actions can earn +1 friendship point per day, and you can't lose earned friendship points. The angora rabbits cannot be brushed to earn more friendship.

You can obtain animals that have more than 5 hearts of friendship via animal breeding.


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Chickens need to be fed every day (rabbits will still make fur if unfed, see below). Lillia sells Chicken/Rabbit Feed for 10 G per bag. Each animal can eat a bag of feed each day. You can store extra feed in the poultry coop by placing the bags into the chute on the back wall inside the coop. Select the feed from your rucksack and then press the A Button when standing in front of the feed chute to add it to the coop storage. The board on the wall next to the feed chute will display the total amount of Chicken/Rabbit Feed you have in the poultry coop's storage.

You can also make Chicken/Rabbit Feed by placing Corn into the Water Mill attached to the outside of the coop. The mill will convert 1 ear of Corn into 30 bags of Chicken/Rabbit Feed. The mill will hold up to 999 Chicken/Rabbit Feed at first. Gotts offers a Water Mill Upgrade for 300 Lumber, 150 Material Stone, and 5000 G, which expands the mill capacity to 9999 Chicken/Rabbit Feed.

To feed the animals, take the feed from the chute, and either place it in the feed bins along the back wall of the coop, or stand next to an animal and press A to hand the feed directly to the animal. Hand-feeding is better for gaining friendships, as you'll earn +1 friendship point for taking the time to give them their grub manually.

Chickens and angora rabbits can graze outside on sunny days; in which case, you don't need to feed them at all! Ring the bell on the outside of the poultry coop to herd the animals outside. The animals must be outside for at least 4 hours to be fed. They will automatically return to the coop at 8:00 pm. You can also graze chickens and rabbits on sunny winter days.


If your chicken was fed the prior day, there will be an egg on the ground inside the poultry coop in the morning. If not fed, then there won't be an egg on the ground. It's pretty simple - no food, no egg! You can sell the egg as it is, or convert the eggs into mayonnaise by using the Mayonnaise Maker machine or the kitchen recipe for mayonnaise. You can also give the eggs away as gifts, toss them into the hot spring to create Spa Boiled Eggs, eat them, and so on.

For rabbit, simply shave the fur off their bodies using the clippers. Saibara will sell the Clippers in his shop for 1800 G the day after purchasing an animal with clipable fur. Angora rabbits will produce fur every 5 days. You can use the Yarn Maker machine to turn the angora fur into yarn. Either the Yarn Maker in the poultry coop or the livestock barn can convert the fur into yarn. Yarn will not be categorized as "angora" after it is processed.

If you do not feed your chickens, they simply will not lay any eggs to harvest. This is not true for angora rabbits, though! An unfed rabbit will still generate clipable fur 5 days after its last haircut.

Normal EggChicken with 0 to 3 hearts50 G
Mayonnaise (S)Normal Egg into Mayo Maker100 G
Good EggChicken with 4 to 7 hearts80 G
Mayonnaise (M)Good Egg into Mayo Maker150 G
Excellent EggChicken with 8 to 10 hearts150 G
Mayonnaise (L)Excellent Good Egg into Mayo Maker230 G
Golden EggChicken with 8 to 10 hearts and won the Cluck-Cluck Clash festival200 G
Mayonnaise (G)Golden Egg into Mayo Maker300 G
Platinum EggChicken with 8 to 10 hearts, won the Cluck-Cluck Clash, and has spend 1000 hours outside240 G
Mayonnaise (P)Platinum Egg into Mayo Maker450 G
X Egg1 in 255 chance from a Platinum Egg laying chicken240 G
Mayonnaise (X)X Egg into Mayo Maker800 G
Angora Rabbits
Angora Fur (S)Angora Rabbit with 0 to 3 hearts240 G
Yarn (S)Angora Fur (S) into Yarn Maker530 G
Angora Fur (M)Angora Rabbit with 4 to 7 hearts400 G
Yarn (M)Angora Fur (M) into Yarn Maker920 G
Angora Fur (L)Angora Rabbit with 8 to 10 hearts720 G
Yarn (L)Angora Fur (L) into Yarn Maker1400 G
Angora Fur (G)Angora Rabbit with 8 to 10 hearts and won the Fluffy Festival1000 G
Yarn (G)Angora Fur (G) into Yarn Maker2000 G
Angora Fur (P)Angora Rabbit with 8 to 10 hearts, won the Fluffy Festival, and has spent 1000 hours outside1500 G
Yarn (P)Angora Fur (P) into Yarn Maker2800 G
Angora Fur (X)1 in 255 chance from a Platinum Angora Fur rabbit1800 G
Yarn (X)Angora Fur (X) into Yarn Maker3200 G

You can also use the kitchen to make an X Egg. You will learn the cooking recipe by using your kitchen to cook 50 dishes that used Normal Egg, 25 dishes that used Good Egg, and 10 dishes that used Excellent Egg. The X Egg cooking recipe is Normal Egg + Good Egg + Excellent Egg + Golden Egg + Platinum Egg. Because a chicken will not lay lower-level eggs after it starts to lay higher-level eggs, it may be handy to keep a stack of lower-level eggs in your farmhouse refrigerator. Your other option is to buy a fresh, 5-heart chicken from Lillia.


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Animals must have offspring for you to raise animals that have more than 5 hearts of friendship. To breed chickens, place the parent chicken's egg into the nesting box inside the poultry farm. A little chick will hatch from the egg after 3 days. The baby chick will have 1 more friendship heart than its parent and 3 filled-in hearts of friendship. After 7 days, the chick will mature into an adult chicken. You can then take its egg and place it into the nesting box to hatch another chick with an additional friendship hearts.

If you have chickens of all the same color, the baby chick will grow into the same color as its parent. If you have both brown and white chickens, the hatched chick will randomly be either a brown or white. If you have a mix of brown and white chickens, save your game before going to bed the night before the egg hatches. If the chick isn't the color you want, reload your save game and go to bed again to possibly get a different color in the morning.

The maximum hearts for a chicken is determined at hatch. If you happen to sell your parent chicken before the egg hatches, the chick will hatch at 6 max hearts of friendship. Keep momma bird around until after its egg hatches.

For angora rabbits, Lillia sells Rabbit Breeding Kits for 2000 G each. The parent bunny needs to have its fur for the breeding kit to be effective. Breeding rabbits requires you to upgrade your poultry coop, which adds a rabbit breeding box inside the coop. The angora pregnancy will last 5 days when the angora rabbit is fed every day. If you or the Nature Sprites neglect to feed the pregnant rabbit for just one day, the pregnancy will increase by 1 day as well, up to a maximum of 10 days for each day the bunny wasn't fed.

The birth of a baby animal will be postponed if it was to occur on a scheduled festival day. The birth will take place on the next non-festival day.

Breeding an animal that has 10 hearts of friendship will result in baby animals that also have 10 hearts of friendship.

Reaching the 10-heart level with a chicken will change how store-bought chickens produce offspring. Lillia will always sell animals that have a maximum of 5 hearts of friendship (if you need to collect lower-quality products), but any chicks born from newly-purchased 5-heart chickens will jump to 10 hearts only if you have reached 10 hearts with chickens through breeding. Not sure yet if this is also true for angora rabbits, but it definitely is with chickens.

Growing Up

A chick will mature into an adult chicken after 7 days. Pretty easy!

On the other hand, an angora rabbit will mature at a rate based on whether the baby had been fed every day. If you feed a baby angora every day, it will mature after 10 days. But, if you happen to miss a day of feeding, then the baby angora will take one extray day to mature, up to a maximum of 15 days. Hand-feed your little bunny to ensure that it is fed every day.