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Vernon Fenwick and Burne Thompson
Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter

Vernon in flowers You love him or hate him. He's the ravishly handsome reporter of Channel 6 news, Vernon Fenwick. The most attractive character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon show! Within these pages you'll find why YOU should idolize him as much as the Queen of FOGU does.

Why is Vernon so appealing? The same reason why people cheer for the "underdog" team in sports. Vernon works hard to deliver the best news that Channel 6 has to offer, only to be smacked down by that hussy, April O'Neil. She is always stealing his stories and his glory! He has to act sneaky in order to gain the attention of Burne Thompson, the boss at Channel 6. Then to top it all off, he has to deal with a group of talking turtles and a evil villian who wears cheese slicers on his arms! That's a lot for one guy to deal with!

Lucky for us Vernon always manages to get through it all safely. He's battled the Shredder and his goons and teamed up with the Turtles to save the world. Vernon does it all with such class that he never even complains when no one thanks him for his help. His selfishness and courage is why he is the best hero from the show! Forget Turtle Power, it should be VERNON POWER!

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