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Puzzle De Harvest Moon

Console: Nintendo DS
Japan Release: Unknown
N.America Release: October 30, 2007
N.America Release: November 6, 2007
European Release: Unknown

Introduction: Puzzle de Harvest Moon was first announced in Natsume's E3 2006 flyer. Since then the game has been quietly brewing and the game made it's first full appearance at E3 2007.

The game can be played against local Wifi players, and (as of E3 2006) does not use the global Nintendo Wifi network. There has been no word yet as to whether the game will utilize Nintendo's system.

You can play the game in Normal, 2 vs. 2, "Quota", and Survival modes.

The point of the game is to play through a year (4 seasons) as a classic HM character to produce crops that count towards your final score. The tasks available for you to do will depend on the small cards that appear on your screen. All players utilize the same crop field so you do have the opportunity to sabotage the other player's produced crops if necessary.

Included characters are the Hero (called "Pete"), the blonde Heroine (named "Clair", a misspelling of her name "Claire"), Karen, Rick, Popuri, Gray, Mary, Ann, Kai, Elli, Doctor, and Cliff.

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