Growing Crops

The crops you grow can be used for cooked recipes, given as gifts, or shipped for money. You can buy seeds from Jean's store, and he sells all of the seeds available year round. You don't have to wait until Summer to buy Tomato seeds!

Seven of the caves have constant seasons, so you can grow a particular season's crop all the time. Even if it's Spring season on your farm, you can grow Sweet Potatoes in the Toros Cave without any problem. Only your own farmland must confirm to the changing season.

Location NameSeason
Your FarmAll Seasons
Carmite CaveSpring
Toros CaveFall
Clemens CaveSummer
Location NameSeason
Mt. GigantSummer
Kasimir RuinsSpring
Danann CaveFall
Greed CaveSummer

To level up the crops you'll need to buy the Greenifier from Edward at the clinic for 700 G a bag. The fertilizer will only level up 1 square of crop you plant, not a full 3x3 square. You can make your own Greenifier using your Alchemy Bench, but it's not worth the hassle to collect all of the ingredients.

Step 1: Till the soil and then plant your crop seeds.

Step 2: Use a bags of Greenifier on the number of seeds you want to have upgraded.

Step 3: Grow and harvest the crops as normal.

To repeat the cycle and upgrade the crop again, take the new leveled crop and place it inside the Seed Maker in your house, once you have upgraded it and purchased the maker from Ivan. You'll receive a bag of leveled seeds, and all of the planted seeds will be the same level as the parent crop. Then just Greenifier all over again.

The highest level you can reach is 10 when using Greenifier and the Seed Maker. You can ship higher-level crops by using the wifi network to trade the crops back and forth, but if you try to put the traded crop into your Seed Maker it will generate a level 10 crop seed.

Some seed crops won't be available for purchase until after you beat the game. These crops are called Phantom Crops, and they take longer than 30 days to grow. If you're lucky you might receive a Phantom Crop seed from a treasure box after you defeat a monster.

Sometimes it is better to sell the seeds rather than the crop it produces. Take for example the Charm Blue. You can buy a bag of Charm Blue for 1000 G but the flower only ships for 120 G, which only gives you a 1020 G profit on 9 crops. If you convert those 9 flowers into 9 bags of Charm Blue seeds, you can sell the seeds back to the shop for 500 G a piece! All seed bags will sell for half the cost you originally purchased the seeds for.


Crop NameSeed LocationGrowthRegrowsProfit (Lv1)
Radish Jean's Store - 200 G5 days---60 G
Potato Jean's Store - 340 G7 days---120 G
Cucumber Jean's Store - 240 G9 days6 days90 G
Strawberry Jean's Store - 400 G8 days2 days200 G
Cabbage Jean's Store - 220 G14 days---150 G
Moondrop Jean's Store - 200 G6 days---60 G
Toyherb Jean's Store - 150 G12 days---130 G
Phantom Crops - For sale after the ending (Drops anytime)
Cherry Grass Jean's Store - 4000 G60 days---500 G
Lamp Grass Jean's Store - 6000 G
Ant - Carmite Cave
90 days---750 G
Blue Crystal Jean's Store - 770 G
Sky Fish - Misty Bloom Cave
100 days---220 G
Emery Flower Jean's Store - 10,000 G
Mini Dragon - Greed Cave
120 days---600 G


Crop NameSeed LocationGrowthRegrowsProfit (Lv1)
Tomato Jean's Store - 210 G9 days3 days80 G
Corn Jean's Store - 300 G14 days3 days140 G
Onion Jean's Store - 190 G7 days---70 G
Pumpkin Jean's Store - 600 G14 days---330 G
Pineapple Jean's Store - 700 G20 days5 days400 G
Pink Cat Flower Jean's Store - 300 G6 days---70 G
Phantom Crops - For sale after the ending (Drops anytime)
Ironleaf Wheels Jean's Store - 8700 G40 days---800 G
4-Leaf Clover Jean's Store - 9000 G60 days---350 G
Fireflower Jean's Store - 3300 G
Leafball - Danna Cave
90 days---350 G
Green Crystal Jean's Store - 880 G
Flower - Mt. Gigant
100 days---240 G


Crop NameSeed LocationGrowthRegrowsProfit (Lv1)
Eggplant Jean's Store - 250 G9 days3 days80 G
Carrot Jean's Store - 210 G7 days---90 G
Sweet Potato Jean's Store - 330 G5 days2 days120 G
Spinach Jean's Store - 210 G6 days---150 G
Green Pepper Jean's Store - 260 G7 days2 days70 G
Charm Blue Flower Jean's Store - 1000 G10 days---120 G
Phantom Crops - For sale after the ending (Drops anytime)
Noel Grass Jean's Store - 2680 G40 days---650 G
Autumn Grass Jean's Store - 900 G60 days---700 G
Pom-pom Grass Jean's Store - 1200 G
Plant Core - Danna Cave
90 days---250 G
Red Crystal Jean's Store - 990 G
Flower - Mt. Gigant
100 days---260 G

The Apples, Grapes, and Oranges can not be produced on your own farm. You have to buy them directly from Neumann's shop. Apples can also drop from the Lulu creature in Toros Cave.

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