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One of the menus available when you press the Start button is the shipped items list. The list displays everything available to ship in the game, and how much money you have earned for shipping that particular item. The list doesn't tell you what the item looks like, or how many of the item you've shipped.

The shipping bin is located right outside your farmhouse door. Rosetta will stop by during the week around 5:00 pm to pick up your goods. Items you put into the shipping bin on the weekend will be picked up the following weekday. The same rule applies for shipping items on festival days.

The weapons you make with your forage can not be shipped. If you want to sell those items you will have to do so in town. Any shop you stop at will exchange your manufactured weapons for money.

Even though there is a giant list of items available for players, it is not possible to ship everything available in the game.

If you ship an important item (Round Rock, Grimoire Scale, Stoller Challice, etc.), check the Lost Property Box inside of Godwin's house after Rosetta leaves with your shipped goods. It will appear if you investigate the box in the northwest corner on the first floor.

Even if you do ship the special items there won't be any record of doing so in the Shipped Items list. The items have a Cost of zero and records of shipped items only appear if they have a profit value, so with 0 G earned when shipped the items won't indicate that they've been shipped (well, you get the idea).

Some items don't appear in the list at all, like the Empty Can and Rubber Boot you can catch while fishing. The can and boot sell for 1 G a piece. Other items missing from the list include Stone (5 G), Stick (30 G), and Wood (50 G).

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