The Kardia Library is run by Russell. He adopted the high elf child, Cecilia, when she was orphened by the previous war. Russell's library also holds the books printed with magic spells, which you'll find on the back wall of the building. He also sells books used for crafting if you talk to him.

Birthday: Spring 20

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Chinese Manju Fried Veggies, Protien n/a

Shop Inventory

Kardia Library, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, closed Weekend

Magic Spells
Teleport2000 GNone
Medication3000 GClear Carmite
Fireball3200 GClear Carmite
Cure5300 GClear Toros
Water Laser6200 GClear Toros
Crimson Fire7700 GClear Clemans
Inferno8100 GClear Clemans
Stone Spike7000 GClear Gigant Mt.
Swordstorm10,200 GClear Gigant Mt.
Life Absorber13,600 GClear Mistbloom
Explosion18,600 GClear Kasimir
Quake19,000 GClear Kasimir
Storm21,400 GClear Danna
Meteor21,900 GClear Danna

Crafting Books
Soulcraft: Beg5800 GWeapons
Soulcraft: Int7800 GWeapons
Soulcraft: Adv12,800 GWeapons
Soulcraft: Mas25,800 GWeapons
Accessories 1/46000 GAccessories
Accessories 2/49000 GAccessories
Accessories 3/418,000 GAccessories
Accessories 4/429,000 GAccessories
Mr.Shield's10,000 GShields
Mixtures & Con.7000 GPharmacy
Chop-Shop 1!4000 GCooking, Knife
Chop-Shop 2!15,000 GCooking, Knife
Side Dishes 18000 GCooking, Frypan
Side Dishes 28800 GCooking, Frypan
For Dinner6000 GCooking, Pot
For Dinner 29000 GCooking, Pot
Bake Me Tender!9900 GCooking, Oven
Blending In1200 GCooking, Mixer
Steam Cooking4500 GCooking, Steamer
Instant Dishes!3000 GCooking, No Utensil

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