One day when you go to visit Gotz, you'll find him in a foul mood. He's tired of working on your farm and doesn't feel like doing any more work. Gotz is under appreciated and flat out won't do any more upgrades to your farm. Talking to him from behind the counter will just get you a nasty reply in return.

Gotz In order to have Gotz begin to build on your farm again, you have to make him happy. His friendship level with you has to be at it's highest point before he'll start taking expansion orders again. Gotz's favorite foods are Eggs, Honey, and Apples. When you find some time give him a gift of his favorite food. When he feels better he will start taking requests again. Depending on how many times you give him items, it may take up to a year or so before he'll start feeling himself again. Unfortunatly there's no way to see how high his friendship leve is so just keep giving him items. Eventually you'll see a cut-scene of him letting you know he's ready to take in more work.

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