After you have been married for a little bit you can trigger this event. Leave your farmhouse after 7pm and you might see Harris waiting outside for you. He's come to ask you for some advice about a problem he has. If you agree to listen, he'll talk about how he's in love with Aja. She lives in the city so Harris wants to write her a letter, but he doesn't know what he should say. If you tell him to write what he feels, he'll thank you and says he'll take a chance telling her about how he feels.

After some time has pass, you might meet up with Harris again outside your farmhouse door. He says he took your advice and wrote to Aja, but when she wrote back he found out that she already has a boyfriend. Harris tells you not to apologize, but thanks you for suggesting he write to her. If he hadn't sent the letter, he would of never known she already has a boyfriend. Now he's happy for her and knows he can give up on his crush.

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