Normal Fish
Name Season Level Size Location
Rock Trout 3 Sea
Scad 3 Sea
Fatminnow 1 Lake, Upstream
Cherry Salmon 1 Lake, Upstream
Pigfish 3 Sea
Sardine 1 Sea
Mountain Trout 4 Upstream
Whitefish 2 Downstream, Pond
Eel 5 Downstream
Bitterling 1 Downstream
Bonito 5 Sea
Fluke 4 Sea
Filefish 2 Sea
Golden Carp 1 Downstream, Pond
Silver Carp 2 Downstream, Pond
Kelp Bass 4 Sea
Bighead 5 Downstream
Salmon 4 Downstream
Mackerel 4 Sea
Needlefish 3 Sea
Sp. Mackerel 5 Sea
Saury Pike 3 Sea
Dorado 5 Sea
Red Snapper 5 Sea
Cod 4 Sea
Roach 1 Downstream
Brown Hakeling 1 Downstream
Rainbow Trout 5 Lake, Upstream
Herring 1 Sea
Silver Carp 5 Downstream
Sandfish 1 Sea
Flounder 5 Sea
Blowfish 4 Sea
Black Bass 4 Downstream, Lake, Pond, Upstream
Yellowtail 5 Sea
Bluegill 1 Downstream, Lake, Pond, Upstream
Crucian Carp 4 Lake, Pond
Greenling 3 Sea
Tuna 5 Sea
Ocean Sunfish 5 Sea
Lionfish 2 Sea
Rockfish 2 Sea
L. Salmon 2 Upstream
Snakehead 5 Downstream, Pond
Lake Smelt 1 Downstream, Pond

King Fish
Name Season Level Location Comment
Jp. Huchen 6 Downstream Have the Sushi, Sashimi, and Grilled Fish recipies in your Recipe Book.
Monkfish 6 Sea Go fishing at the beach between 10pm and 8am.
Catfish 6 Hot Spring No special requirements needed
Carp 6 Lake Ship 200 fish of any size via your shipping bin.
Coelacanth 6 Winter Mine Catch the other 5 kings, then dig down to the 9th floor of the Winter Mine and fish in the pond that's down there. Once you get the Teleport Stone you can reach the Winter Mine in any season.
Squid 6 Sea Throw a small fish into the water before casting your hook into the water.

The King Fish will be catchable once you have a Cursed or Blessed (level 6) or Mythic (level 7) remodeled fishing pole.

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