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Summer 06

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Scrambled Eggs, Curry Rice, Miso Soup

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Black Heart
Blue Heart
Green Heart
Orange Heart

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Fall wine harvest
Cliff faints
Something about Ann
Cliff moves on

Cliff Cliff portrait

Cliff recently moved to Mineral Town. He's very shy and prefers to keep to himself. During your first few months, he'll hide away from everyone else by spending the day with Carter in the Church. Even when you do stop by to say hello, he will only mumble a reply in return.

On the 14th of Fall during your first year, Duke will come by your farm and ask if you could help him with his wine harvest that year. If you agree to help, he suggests that you go around town and see if there is anyone else who might be interested in picking grapes. A good person to ask would be Cliff! If you choose to have him participate, then the two of you will pick grapes together on the 15th. Duke will then offer Cliff a job at the winery. If you choose not to ask Cliff, then at the end of the year he'll decide it's best if he moves out of Mineral Town. He'll pack his things and leave town, never to return.

Cliff is your rival for Ann. His "home" is a room on the 2nd floor of Doug's Inn so he's even in the same building where she lives. If you allow the two of them to get married, nothing really changes with their schedules. You'll still find Ann inside the Inn and Cliff outside working in the vineyard.

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