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Harvest Moon: My Little Shop

My Little Shop

Console: Nintendo Wiiware
Japan Release: March 28, 2009
N.America Release: November 23, 2009
European Release: Not Released

My Little Shop is the first Harvest Moon game for the downloadable Nintendo Wiiware system. It is an all-new game and not a virtual console game like Harvest Moon for SNES.

The game can be bought by connecting your Wii to the Wii Shop Channel, and then visiting the Wiiware store. The game costs 1200 Wii Points or about $12. Once you have downloaded the game, you can access it by clicking on the My Little Shop channel on your Wii's channel menu.

This game also supports optional downloadable content, which can expand the game to give you additional features. You do not have to download the add-on content to fully play the game, but it does add extra customers and shop remodeling options.

There are 3 save games available to use. The game's calendar is based on the Wii real-time calendar, meaning that if today is Sunday the 1st of November, 2009 then in the game it is also Sunday, November 1, 2009. However, the game does not run off of a day/night cycle.


Your parents have gone off on an important archeological adventure and so they send you to spend some time with your Grandma Shannon and Grandpa Graham. Your grandparents live on a farm in the small village called Clover Town, where they also run a small shop.

Unfortunately, Clover Town has fallen on rough times and is not longer the bustling place it use to be. The mayor, Jarvis, doesn't know what to do to revive the town. Your Grandma was about ready to have their shop demolished when you volunteered to take care of it. Since Grandpa also hurt his back, you decide to take care of their farm as well.

Jarvis tells you there is a Legend of the Clover, where little creatures called Harvest Sprites will make people happy. The sprites are suppose to live at the 4-clover windmill outside of town but they don't seem to live there anymore and no one can get the windmill to turn.

It would be wonderful if there was something in Clover Town that would attract out-of-town visitors.

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