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Seed Shop

Rebecca and Cecil run the Seed Shop in Clover Town. The seeds they sell can be planted on your farm fields. Once the crops have fully grown, they will be used in the Juice Shop. You can only plant 1 crop in 1 field.

At the beginning of the game you'll only have 1 crop field to use. Grandpa Graham will unlock your second field after a day, and the rest of the fields can be bought at Takakura's Carpenter shop.

The quality of seeds this store sells will affect how often you need to water the crop before it dies:

The seeds that appear every day in the shop are random. When you buy an item from the Seed Shop, it will appear in your Rucksack. You can open your Rucksack by pressing the One ( 1 ) Button on your wii remote when you are outside of the shop.

Daniel and Cynthia will eventually discover Fertilizer and Nutrient for your crops. Fertilizer will make a newly planted crop mature in 1 day, and Nutrient will make it so you don't have to water your crops for awhile.

Tomato50 G100 G150 G1 Day
Turnip60 G100 G150 G2 Days
Carrot100 G150 G200 G2 Days
Banana200 G300 G400 G3 Days
Cabbage200 G300 G400 G4 Days
Strawberry200 G300 G400 G2 Days
Pumpkin500 G600 G700 G4 Days
Watermelon1000 G1500 G2000 G4 Days
Fertilizer800 G
Nutrient800 G
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