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Construction shop

Takakura runs the Construction shop in town. At the beginning of the game, his goal is to tear down Grandma Sharon's shop. After you take over the shop, he has a change of heart and decides to leave it alone.

You can't buy anything from Takakura until after you see an event involving Danica and Tak. Danica has come to Clover Town to be his apprentice, but Takakura doesn't have a need for one. She is persistent though, and the old man finally gives in and assigns her a room to live in at his shop. After that you can purchase items.

On your farm you will have two crop fields. If you want to have the remaining 3, you need to buy them from the carpenters.

The main merchandise at their store are shop remodel pieces. You can buy various styles of storefront, awning, and roofing to remodel your store. There doesn't seem to be any in-game advantages to changing the outside looks of your shop.

You can also buy "stickers" that can be pasted as decorations onto your shop.

For images of the store remodels and decorations, please check the Store Remodeling page.

Shop Remodel PiecePrice
Cute Storefront500 G
Castle Storefront500 G
Quaint Storefront500 G
Modern Storefront500 G
Feline Storefront500 G
Dainty Storefront500 G
Juice Storefront800 G
Egg Storefront800 G
Sweets Storefront800 G
Cute Awning500 G
Castle Awning500 G
Quaint Awning500 G
Modern Awning500 G
Feline Awning500 G
Dainty Awning500 G
Juice Awning800 G
Egg Awning800 G
Sweets Awning800 G
Cute Roof500 G
Castle Roof500 G
Quaint Roof500 G
Modern Roof500 G
Feline Roof500 G
Dainty Roof500 G
Juice Roof800 G
Egg Roof800 G
Sweets Roof800 G
Decoration PiecePrice
Umbrella300 G
Acorn Decoration300 G
Cactus Decoration300 G
Ribbon Decoration300 G
Note Decoration300 G
Snowman300 G
Button Decoration300 G
Flower Decoration300 G
Sunflower300 G
Clover Decoration500 G
Flag Decoration300 G
Violin Decoration300 G
Barrel Decoration300 G
Rainbow300 G
Lamp Decoration500 G
Jack-O'-Lantern600 G
Nest Decoration600 G
Cow Decoration600 G
Farm FieldPrice
Add Field700 G
Add Field1200 G
Add Field2000 G
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