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Before Godwin will issue a permit for the next cave, he requests that you go around and visit the village some more. Head to the Library and you'll see Russell in a panic. He can't find Cecilia, and fears she probably went into the caves to play even though he's told her not to. You volunteer to look for her, but you'll need to talk to the mayor to get the necessary permit.

Return to the mayor's house and explain that Cecilia hasn't returned from the caves if that's where she went. Godwin agrees with Russell's assumption, and requests that you go investigate the Clemens cave with your new permit.

Clemens can be found west of your farm. Go past Toros cave and you'll find a pathway leading up to Mt. Clemens. You'll find Russell along the path, who still hasn't seen Cecilia, so head north past the librarian and into the cave.

Inside the cave you'll be stopped for a moment by Melody. Melody has been checking out the area to see if it's a good spot for hot springs, but it turns out not to be! She suggests you head home, but you explain that Cecilia is missing so you're checking out the caves. Even so, she warns you not to venture inside. You tell her you'll just search for a moment and she leaves.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
16 Titan
15 Beetle
Hammer Troll
14 Ignis
13 Killer Ant
12 Queen Bee

To find Cecilia, head west to the next room, and from there head south. You'll enter a room that locks a gate once you enter. The gate will unlock again once you destroy the machine and the Titans that are being summoned by it. When the path opens again, head to the south exit.

Poor Cecilia is in the next room. She is safe and is very apologetic for entering the cave. She became trapped in the area by the monsters and could not escape on her own. Mist will join the two of you, as she had a feeling you'd be here. She's glad that Cecilia has been found safe and sound. Mist volunteers to return Cecilia back to the village.


As you're going through the cave you'll come across walls of flames. These obstacles can be removed by using your watering can on the fire. Make sure you've filled up your Wateringpot before entering the cave.

You'll also need some way of curing poison, whether a potion, Medication spell, or wild grown Antidotal Herb. You'll be forced to walk across poisonous ground when you are about half way through.

If you're having problems locating the last Monster Machine, check the west side of the 2nd to the last room. There will be a wall of flames you must douse in order to reach the Minotaur and its summoning machine.


HP: 780
DEF: 8


Mist and Melody both appear to check out the giant flower you found. Melody ponders how popular a hot spring would be if she made it in this spot, but who would come to such a location? Suddenly the flower begins to move! The two girls get out of the way so you can take care of the plant.

Rafflesia has 4 types of attacks corresponding to each one of the 4 plant parts.

the boss

You have destroy the extra monster and attack while dodging the area-based spells at the same time. Luckily in between the Breath and Swordstorm, the plant will be dormant for a little while. It's a good chance to attack, then run back to the outer edges of the room.

The Killer Ants have the ability to Seal your magic casting. With your magic sealed you can't cast the Medication spell to cure yourself of Paralysis! You may be stuck walking during your boss battle. If you don't have any way to cure your movement problems you may just have to stand at Rafflesia, swing as many times as you can, and hope you can survive long enough for the boss to be defeated. It's best to destroy the Killer Ants as quickly as possible to prevent your magic from becoming sealed.

After Rafflesia teleports back to its original world, the girls will emerge from their hiding places. Melody is a little disappointed that the flower is gone, as now there's probably no reason for her to build a hot spring. Mist finds it more interesting to ponder how such a large creature ended up in this world. It feels to her as though someone is definitely involved. Someone might be setting up all the devices inside of the caves, especially since Norad Country doesn't have this kind of technology.

This looks like something that might be possible in the Sechs Empire. There isn't any reason for Sechs to advance onto the little village though...

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