Gigant Mountain

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After clearing your way through Clemens, visit Godwin for the next permit. He requests that you till 100 squares of soil inside of Clemens. Once you have completed his requirements then he will issue the permit for Gigant Mountain.

Gigant Mountain is just north of Clemens, across a rope bridge. Mist will be there when you arrive, and she seems rather worried that you've finally reached the mountain. She brushes it off though, and explains it has been said that Grimoa live at the summit of the mountain. It is a legendary creature, assumed to be a servant called forth by great being.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
25 Exp Buffalo
24 Exp Buffamo
23 Exp Weegull
22 Exp Big Mush
21 Exp Fuwori
20 Exp Flower

The pathway up the mountain is long, windy, and separates into new paths here and there. It might be a good idea to have a map available so you don't become disoriented.


HP: 999
DEF: 10


Grimoa is a dragon! Mist wasn't even aware of that fact. There's very little chit-chat before she takes off and leaves you with the monster.

fire is easy to avoid

The red dragon has 3 main attacks; a tail sweep, a mouth bite, and fire breath. The beast is slow moving, so it is easy to dodge the bite. The tail sweep is always in a clockwise motion, so if you move the same direction you'll easily out run the movement and can attack from behind. The fire breath only moves in one direction, so if you can avoid it and then swing around to Grimoa's back, you'll have a clear shot to do more damage.

luftmesa casting in action

Grimoa will begin to cast Luftmesa and Inferno when its HP is low. Both spells are difficult to avoid, but you might be able to dodge the Luftmesa blades if you get far along the borders of the platform. Inferno is tougher to avoid since the entire platform is covered by flames, except for right in front of Grimoa of course. When the dragon turns red the beast's slow movements no longer exist. It becomes a quick, mean monster! Good luck!

Once the dragon has been defeated you'll receive a Grimoa Scale. Mist comes out of her hiding place to check on your health. That beast could not have truely been the legendary Grimoa, as dragon-type monsters can only be called forth for use by a god. Mist begins to wonder what the real mythical Grimoa could be like, and the two of you leave the platform together.

mysterious woman

After you exit the area, a mysterious woman appears on the platform. She is surprised to find a dragon had appeared in this spot, as it was more then she expected. Their plan is almost complete and there must be no mistakes. The woman then quickly teleports away.

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