Kasimir Ruins

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After completing the number of tilled soiled necessary to get the next permit, head to Godwin's to fetch it. He mentions you're much like an Earthmate as he hands over the paperwork.

Kasimir is found to the west of your farm, past Toros cave. Sharron always stands guard at the entrance to warn any adventures about the dangers inside. When you enter the ruins she will let you know that these ruins are ancient. Sharron thinks they're connected to the legendary Grimoire. She actually wants you to venture inside!

Sharron explains that there are unusual things going on in the caves surrounding Kardia Village. She feels the same is occurring inside the ruins. If you can't stop the cause of all this then no recovery will be possible. Sharron noticed that strange Kikai have appeared in the ruins, and now the monsters seem to be excited. They can sense your aggression.

Sharron will not allow you to enter Kasimir until you have 10 or more creatures living on your farm, even though you have the necessary permit from Godwin.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
42 Exp Gigantus
41 Exp Dark Slime
40 Exp Packun Box
39 Exp Hell Spider
38 Exp Heracros
37 Exp Fairy
32 Exp Monster Box
07 Exp Shindra
locked door

As you start venturing into the ruins you'll come across a locked door. It will appear that you've come to a dead end! The inscription on the door tells you that it will unlock when the earth has been blessed.

In the same room as the locked door you'll find eight 3x3 squares of land. You have to grow plants in all of the field plots until the crops mature. Once the runes have generated the door will unlock and you can proceed. Since Kasimir is a Spring season dungeon, the fastest crops to grow are Turnips. The vegetables will ripen after a short 5 days. You can use any crop that you like, as long as you run down into Kasimir every day for watering chores. Make sure you fill up your watering can before going inside because there aren't any ponds on your side of the locked door.

Once you've grown the crops and unlocked the door, head downstairs. You'll find another locked door. Sharron knows much about the ruins, so head back to the entrance and ask her about the key. She has seen on a lithograph that a stone Golum has a key, although she doesn't know where the Golum might be.

fighting a golum

Go back to the room with your 8 squares of crops and head through the open doorway on the right side. You'll spring a trap that summons the Golum. Defeat the creature and you'll find the Golum Key. Run back downstairs to the locked door and you'll be able to pass through.

The rest of the ruins play the same as the other caves. Destroy the monster generators to unlock access to the boss' room. If you are missing a Kikai, there is one hidden across a floor of poison squares. The Shindra seems a little out of place in this higher level dungeon, but you have to destroy it to unlock the last door.


HP: 1680
DEF: 11


So the little guy you fought earlier was just a mini Golum! Sharron thought the ruins where for Grimoa, but Kajimill seem to be for Golum instead. She is quite surprised, and you have to remind her to leave because the fight is about to get dangerous.

golum's flying rocks

Golum is big and walks fast for being so large. He can shoot off his left and right hands, and barrages the area around him with rocks he shoots from his shoulder-mounted cannons. Golum also can circle his arms around his body, creating a shield that makes it impossible to land a close up attack without getting hit yourself. If you get hit by his flying rocks or rocket punches, you'll be knocked down because of the Body Blow affect.

distance weapons for winning!

A good way to fight Golum is from a distance, using weapons that have a charge-up ability. Golum has a weakness to wind so using a weapon like the Cyclone Blade or Star Saber will be helpful. Both weapons can be produced from items available up to this point in the game, and can thrust a blade of wind across the room when charged. It will take a few moments to charge your sword, so run to the opposite side of the room and charge up by holding down the B button. When Golum gets close, release your weapon to damage him from a safe distance.

Golum turns red when near defeat and his attacks become faster. You might even see him shoot his shoulder guns and rocket punches at the same time! If you do need to attack close up, wait until he shoots a rocket punch. There is a small delay from when his arm flies off and when he shoots off another one. Hit and run!

Once Golum has been sent back to his original world, Sharron will come out of hiding. She is disappointed because she always wished there was something about Grimoire in the ruins, but it turns out not to be the case. You're sure what she is looking for exists somewhere though.

She is glad to know that Golum was returned to his home world. Recently there had been an increase in the number of monsters inside Kasimir. The Kikai machines weren't there before. Perhaps the Sechs Empire is involved, but why do this to a village? You're looking into it, even though you're not a resident of the village.

Mist finally shows up to check on you. She, and everyone else, feel that you are a member of the village. Even if you don't know who you truly are, Kardia village thinks of you as their friend.

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