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UNoT's Fishy Guide to RK:AWJ
Also known as "Harvest Fishing" in Europe

The latest game in the River King series is the first to be released on the Playstation 2 platform, and the first RK game to be released in English since Legend of the River King 2 for Gameboy Color came out in April of 2001.

As in previous versions of the game, you are on a quest to catch the elusive master fish, the River King. Throughout your wonderful journey you will meet with other people who request your fishing expertise, and even battle with wild animals. You can choose to play as 1 of 4 different family members, each with their own set of skill levels!

River King: A Wonderful Journey was first released in Japan in January 2005. The game was renamed to Harvest Fishing and then released in Europe in December of that same year, leaving North America to receive it last in March 2006. Later in September 2012, the game was converted to the Playstation Network as a PS2 Classic game.

This River King game is also the first for Matsuyama Igusa, the highly recognized character designer for the Harvest Moon series. If you think River King looks strangely similar to the farming games it's because of Matsuyama's touch.

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