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There are 113 different kinds of creatures to catch. Most of them are fish but there are a few others like turtles, crabs, and newts. You don't have to find all 113 in order to get the River King to appear. Some of the fish will appear in multiple maps, while others won't be catchable until you return to the map later with different equipment and a higher Fishing Technique level.

The Stream

Aburahaya Albino Itou Cherry Salmon
Akaza Iwana Takahaya
Amago Big Iwana Rainbow Trout
Amemasu Oshorokoma Haze
Ayu Kajika Yamame
Itou River Trout Crab
Big Itou Gogy Newt


Ugui Rainbow Trout Bluegill
Oshorokoma Albino Rainbow Trout Red Salmon
River Trout Big Rainbow Trout Honmoroko
Pink Salmon Hasu Yamame
Gogi Higai Albino Yamame
Cherry Salmon Princess Salmon Smelt
Big Cherry Salmon Brown Trout Wataka
Salmon Great Brown Trout Frog
Donko Black Bass


Itoyo Loach Herabuna
Itomoroko Tomiyo Big Herabuna
Eel Catfish Killifish
Carp Black Bass Motsugo
Sand Loach Monster Bass Snakehead
Tanago Bluegill Prawn
Tsuchifuki Pejerrey Crawfish
Fighting Fish


Aouo Bullhead Tamaroko
Akane Guppy Silver Carp
King Akane King Carp King Hakuren
Ina Bighead Carp Queen Salmon
Oikawa Albino Bighead Carp Mabuna
Oyanirami Big Bighead Carp Mugitsuku
Kamatsuka Satsuki Trout Roughskin Sculpin
Kamaruchi Grass Carp Turtle
Kawamutsu Big Grass Carp Softshell Turtle


Eel Loach Mabuna
Big Eel Catfish Killifish
Kamatsuka Big Catfish Albino Killifish
Gold Buna Monster Catfish Motsugo
Silver Buna Nigoi Snakehead
Carp Hariyo Big Snakehead
Tanago Black Bass Prawn
Electric Eel Pejerry Crawfish
Tilapia Herabuna

Underground Lake

Pirarucu Coelacanth Gar Pike
Alligator Gar River King Albino Gar Pike
Silver Arowana Freshwater Ray Royal Knife Fish
Black Arowana Sterlet Cuban Gar
Asian Arowana Butterfly Fish

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