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Chapter 3

Ark awakens to find a lady standing over him. She is surprised to see that Ark has finally awoke! She runs off to tell Lord Kumari and she says don't get out of bed. Like we're going to listen to her! Jump out of bed and explore Lhasa. You'll find out that you've been asleep for 3 years. That's definitely a long time! Head toward the back of Lhasa and you'll meed Kumari.

Lord Kumari Kumari is glad to see that you have finally waken up from your three year nap. He also says that you no longer have the ability to talk to plants and animals, and gives you the Bone Pin. One of the monks then walks in and announces that Master MeiHou has arrived to speak with Kumari. Head out to the entrance of Lhasa and you'll meet MeiHou. MeiHou refuses to talk to you before he talks to Kumari. Go back to Kumari's chamber and eavesdrop on MeiHou telling his story.

Apparently his granddaughter MeiLin has disappeared again. He mentions the MeiLin has some sort of power, but he neglects to say what. MeiHou says that MeiLin keeps returning to the town of Louran, but the town was destroyed in a war. MeiLin use to live in Louran with her mother and father, but they were killed in the war. Kumari requests that Ark go to Louran to retrieve MeiLin for MeiHou.

Head south from Lhasa and then back north trough the Yangtze. Cross the river until you reach the Gobi. There is also a secret forest area just northeast of the Gobi where you can pick up a MagiRock. Enter the Gobi and you'll enter the desert. Ark will come across a sandstorm, but he'll see someone in the far side who runs off when he spots Ark. Follow the person and you'll come across Louran.

Louran Guide

Travel north west from Louran and you'll find the Nomads. None of them really want to talk to you except for one guy by the campfire. He will give you directions on how to cross Taklama.

Taklama Guide

Now that you've passed through Taklama, travel west and cross the river at the Balkans. The town of Loire is to the west, the Castle is to the north, and to the northeast is a mountain area where you can pick up a MagiRock. Enter the town of Loire to learn about the area.

Loire area Guide

Now that you've taken care of that problem, head south through the mountains. You'll run across a toll gate, but there won't be anyone there to stop you from going through now that the Monarchy of Loire has been disintegrated. Pass through the toll gate until you see a town to the south.

Litz area Guide

When you go to the Port Of Litz, Fyda and Princess Elle are there waiting for you. Board the ship and you'll sail to the west. During the voyage, Ark tries to talk to Princess Elle, but she refuses to speak to him. Well since there's nothing else to do you might as well head into the cabin and take a nap. There is also a room to the right that has a treasure.

  • Treasure
    • LBulb

During the middle of the night, you're awaken by a scream! Some "sea spirits" are here and they've attacked Princess Elle. There are four of them but only one of them is the real ghost. Eventually the ghost will run away. Princess Elle says she's okay, but she doesn't understand why Ark helps her. She says that you have nothing to gain by being around her. Head back to bed and go back to sleep.

In the morning land is spotted, but you're still asleep. Yomi wakes you up and tells you that you've landed at the new continent. Leave the ship and the sailor at the plank says that the lady that you were with has already left, but she left you a note. Read the Royal Letter and Princess Elle will write that she was the one who killed the King of Loire. She carries a secret with her that was passed down from her parents, and the King wanted the secret. So he destroyed the town and killed her parents. Others want to know her secret and Fyda found out, so she took the Princess from the castle and put her on the first boat to the new continent.

In the pub at the port there is a MagiRock. Leave the port of Freedom and walk north into the city of Freedom.

Freedom area Guide

Return back to the Nirlake area and try to go into the Cave. Servas will still be at the base of the bridge waiting for Nana to return to him. Show him Nana's Engagement Ring and Servas realizes that something happened to her and thanks you for letting him know. He then fades away, allowing you to cross the bridge and enter the cave.

Great Lakes Guide

Before landing at Yunkou, you can go to the island east of it and visit NeoTokio. The only thing of importance right now in NeoTokio is a noodle eating contest where you can win a MagiRock. There is also another MagiRock in the building in the southwest corner. Other then that, it's just a nice place to explore for now. You'll return back here later in the game.

Yunkou has a lot of neon lights, making it an "electric" type of town. There is a MagiRock behind the building in the northeast corner. Visit Lon Trading and MrLon doesn't want anything to do with you. Return to the Inn and go upstairs, where you'll find a sick Fyda. If you go to the Medicine House, the Doctor will say that some Ginseng will cure Fyda, but Lon Trading was the only place where you could get it. Return to Lon Trading. This time MrLon will talk to you. He will help you if you investigate his younger brother Wong. Wong mysteriously left Lon Trading and bought Dragoon Castle to the west. He is buying stuff and keeping it at the castle. MrLon is worried that his brother is getting into bad things. Agree to help MrLon and he will give you the Ginseng.

Return to the Medicine House and the Doctor will tell you that Fyda needs to drink the Ginseng in order to get better, then she needs to be rid of her nightmares. Go back to the Inn and give Fyda the Ginseng.

Fyda will be dreaming of the days when she use to work for King Henry of Loire. She is recalling the tragedy of Storkolm, and how she was ordered to kill Princess Elle's parents. Fyda remembers how before she killed them, Princess Elle's parents requested that Fyda protect their daughter. Fyda believes that she will never be able to rid herself of the guilt brought on by following King Henry's orders. Ark reminds her that she is fulfilling their last request by protecting Princess Elle all the time.

Fyda wakes up from her nightmare and informs you that Princess Elle is a prisoner in Dragoon Castle. Leave the Inn and Perel will be outside waiting for you. Perel had heard from Will that you've come to Yunkou to discover why metal prices were so high, so he is here to help you. Follow Perel to Dragoon Castle.

If you haven't done so already, go to one of the islands south of Yunkou and get the Seed Shoes.

Dragoon Castle guide

Return to Nirlake and visit Will. Now that the price of metal has fallen, he can afford to build his dream airplane. Will gives you instructions on how to fly his plane and sends you on your way.
  • To board the plane, stand on a runway and press A.
  • Press Y to accelerate.
  • Press the L (Left) button to descend.
  • Press the R (Right) button to ascend.
  • To land the plane, descend over a runway and press A.
Take the plane and fly toward Lhasa. Between Loire and Lhasa, you should spot another runway. Land the plane and go explore the town.

Mosque and Beruga's Laboratory guide

There's two ways you can go once you leave Lhasa. You can go to the west and take the Bird at King Neo's Sanctuary and fly to Colorado, or you can go east and pass through Taklama and head toward Litz. Either direction will be fine, since it doesn't matter in which order you collect the StarStones.

NeoTokio Airs Rock
Astarica Sahara

Now that you've received all 5 StarStones, take your ship and sail to the S Pole. The area you want to reach is at the very southern coast, but there are lots of rocks in your way. Keep an eye out for a gap between the rocks directly south of the location you're trying to reach. Sail through the rocks and then land your ship.

The area on the southern coast of the South Pole looks like a giant graveyard. Wonder how a place like this ended up in the middle of nowhere? Scattered throughout the graveyard are large skulls that represent alters. Place each of the StarStones on the 5 skull alters. Once the 5 StarStones are in place, a spirit appears.

The spirit wants to know since Ark has gone through countless dangers and has become incredibly injured at times, why he hasn't died? Ark is the legendary hero, who is said to appear when the world is unbalanced. The spirit then turns into a shadowy likeness of Ark! The shadow explains that he is the light side while Ark is the dark side. Beruga's awakening has disturbed the natural balance of the world. The shadow asks Ark to close his eyes and think deep thoughts about the earth. With that last comment, the spirit attacks Ark, causing him to pass out. Light side Ark

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