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Ushi No Tane
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Collection Items

In the game you have a chance of getting a collection item when you harvest something. These items randomly appear after you click and collect your income (EXP, GEXP, Gold, material, etc.) and are automatically added to your Collection list. To see your collection items, click on the Storehouse icon in the lower-right corner, and then click on the Collection button (コレクション).

Collected items are sometimes part of a quest, which may require you to get item-X before you can complete the quest. You can get this item by working on the product that produces it on your farm (Blueberry Trees produce Blueberry Jam, etc.) or you can help another player's island and get the collection item that way. If you had a quest that asked you to get Cheese and you didn't own a Goat, you can help another player's Goats and have a chance of getting the necessary Cheese.

Items that you have collected will appear with their image and the number of items you've collected. Collected items that are shadow-images are ones you haven't located yet. If you hover your mouse over a shadow-image, you will get a hint (in Japanese) where you can find it.

At the moment, the collection items don't serve much purpose other than occasionally being used in quests. This may change in the future as the game expands.

You can't send someone a collection item. If you have a friend that wants a can of Whole Tomatoes, he or she will have to work on harvesting (or helping) Tomato plants until the collection item appears.

Collection, Page 1

Turnip Leaves

From Turnips

From Turnips
Whole Tomatoes

From Tomatoes

From Tomatoes
Eggplant Tempura

From Eggplants
Eggplant Stew

From Eggplants
Watermelon Slice

From Watermelon
Rhinoceros Beetle

From Watermelon
Flour Bouquet

From Tulips
Huge Flower Bouquet

From Tulips
Roasted Corn

From Corn
Corn Soup

From Corn
Strawberry Daifuku

From Strawberry
White Strawberry

From Strawberry
Pickled Cucumber

From Cucumbers
Bitter Melon

From Cucumber
Carrot Juice

From Carrot

From Carrot

Collection, Page 2

Potted Plant

From Cosmos
Cabbage Butterfly

From Cosmos
Orange Juice

From Orange Trees

From Orange Trees
Apple Pie

From Apple Trees
Candy Apple

From Apple Trees
Blueberry Jam

From Blueberry Trees
Blueberry Tart

From Blueberry Trees
Kiwi Dessert

From Kiwi Trees
Kiwi Yogurt

From Kiwi Trees
Pear Compote

From Asian Pear Trees
Pear Wine

From Asian Pear Trees
Fruit Sauce

From BerryBerry Trees
Berry Sandwich

From BerryBerry Trees
Peach Dumplings

From Peach Trees
Peach Champagne

From Peach Trees
Fried Egg

From Chickens
Rhode Island Chicken

From ???

Collection, Page 3

Golden Egg

From Chickens

From ???

From Goats
Cashmere Muffler

From Goats

From Dogs
Oval Coins

From Dogs

From Sheep
Suffolk Sheep
Wool Sweater

From Sheep

From Cows
Cow Bell

From Cows
Piggy Bank

From Pigs

From Pigs
Alpaca Vest

From Alpacas
Alpaca Doll

From Alpacas
Rabbit Gloves

From Rabbits
Playing Cards

From Lop-Ear Rabbits

From Rabbits
Mini-Rex Rabbits
Silk Hat

From Lop-Ear Rabbits

Collection, Page 4

Horse Shoe

From Horses

From Horses

From Oak Tree (S)

From Oak Tree (M)

From Oak Tree (L)

From Pine Tree (S)
CooCoo Clock

From Pine Tree (M)

From Pine Tree (L)
Iron Ore

From Rocks (S or M)
Gold Bars

From Shining Rocks
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