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Ushi No Tane
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Playing The Game

The watering sprites

Your task in the game is to go through the Harvest Goddess' quests. You will be given a quest, then you assign the Harvest Sprites to complete the quest. When you finish, you can pick a new quest to challenge.

Harvest Sprites are like "turns" you can do in the game. When you first start, you only have 2 Harvest Sprites you can use. The sprites live in their stubby tree trunk and will emerge as you create tasks for them to do. You can see how many sprites you own by looking at the sprite bar at the top of the screen. The bar will tell you how many you have available and how many total you own (ie, 3/4 is you have 3 sprites who can work and 4 total).

The types of sprites that emerge from the tree trunk will vary depending on the task you have available to them. You'll see yellow sprites for tending crops, orange sprites for raising animals, green sprites for clearing trees, grey sprites for mining boulders, etc. You can unlock more sprites to use as you go through the Harvest Goddess' quests.

Clearing weeds doesn't use any Harvest Sprites. Harvesting mature animals and trees also doesn't require an assigned sprite, but you do have to assign a sprite to raise an animal or water the tree until it is full grown.

Tasks run in real-time. Some tasks are fairly short (2 minutes to grow a Turnip) while others take longer (Cosmos Flowers take 3 days). You can leave the game and return later to see if a task has been completed.

Chicken is ready!

To finish a task, look for a yellow arrow above the task subject. Click on the subject with your mouse pointer to possibly receive Experience Points, Grade Points, gold, materials, or a Collection item. The game automatically adds the newly earned items (exp, gold, etc.) to your inventory.

Lumber and boulder breaking jobs will also earn you materials you can use for upgrading the level of the Harvest Sprite Tree or building decorations.

The higher the level of the sprite tree trunk, the more Harvest Sprites you can have total. This doesn't mean you automatically have 12 Harvest Sprites when you reach tree trunk level 3; it means you can accommodate up to 12 if you have unlocked them through the goddess' quests.

So basically to play the game you accept a quest, complete its requirements, and then move onto a new quest.

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