Kai gets suckered Go to the Beach Shop in the Summer between 5pm and 7pm when Kai and Popuri have been married. Popuri will run past you in the door to meet up with Kai, who is working in the kitchen. He tells her that he's in the middle of cooking some food and asks what she wants. Popuri flashes her pretty eyes at him and says she needs something but doesn't say what right away. Kai asks her again what she wants and she sweetly mentions that Saibara has a very lovely necklace for sale and asks if he would like go to see it. How very subtle of her! Kai asks her if it's very expensive and she says it is. Kai then says he won't buy it! Popuri gets mad at him and Kai says it's just useless junk.

Popuri becomes sad and starts to lay on a major guilt-trip. Eventually Kai gives in and tells her he'll buy the necklace. Popuri will happily leaves the Beach Shack.

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