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Another Piece of Something
In the northeast corner of the Field will be a woman named Serika. She asks if you have a Piece of Something, which is the item you received from Nushhie's Treasure Map back at the Mountain. Serika says she found something similar while digging by a well. She would like to give it to you but she would like an Eel, an Iwana, and a Smelt in exchange.

The Eel can be found swimming in the southern pond of the Field map. The Iwana can be found near the Waterfall in the Stream, and the Smelt is in the pond on Benkei's island in the Mountain. Bring all 3 fish back to Serika and she will give you her Piece of Something.

Naoko Fan Club number 1 fan
Down by the Jizo statue is a funny looking man. He exclaims that he is the #1 member of the Naoko Fan Club (what?!) but he's also the shyest member. He would like to ask for her autograph but he just can't gather enough courage to ask her. Number1 requests that you collect the autograph for him, and bring Naoko a Monster Bass as an offering.

The Monster Bass can be found in the darker water of the ponds in the eastern corners. A Spinner lure works well. Catch the fish and bring it to Naoko. She is to the south of the Cooking Contest, just past the bridge. Give the fish to Naoko and she will give you her autograph. Take the signature back to Number1 and he will reward you with a Giant Basket. Now you can hold 50 fish! Don't forget to select it from your Equipment menu.

Help the science class
Near the General Store you'll find a class and their teacher out by the paddys. Miss Rumiko needs some Killifish for her science class but she doesn't know how to fish! You will take the job for her. She needs 6 fish for her and her students.

The Killifish are in the waterways between the rice paddys. You can catch them with a bait rod and Insects. Bring all 6 of them back to the class and Miss Rumiko will give you the Loach Stew Recipe.

The Straw Millionaire, part 3
In the northwest corner, across the river, you'll find a woman standing near the Spotlight. She will take an interest in the Vegetable Set you got from Kaoru back in the Mountain. The woman pretty much demands that you give it to her!

If you decide to give her the Vegetable Set, she will give you a Bracelet in exchange.

Run Away Brother
After you have Solved The Attempted Murder errand in the Rapids, come back to the Field and talk to the boy south of the entrance. His name is Kazuki and he explains that his brother is missing! Their dad scolded his brother and in retaliation his little brother decided he was going to run away from home. Kazuki says he has already searched this area so his brother might be farther away.

Kazuki wasn't kidding when he say his brother was far away. You'll find his brother Mizuki all the way in the northeast corner of the Swamp Map! Mizuki ran away to get back at their father, but he lost his way and couldn't make it back to the Field. Mizuki is afraid of what their dad might do when he gets back, so you two decide to make a piece offering of Broiled Prawn.

You can run back to the Field to get one, or go to the southwest corner of the Swamp and fish among the floating logs in the waterway. Bring the Prawn back to Mizuki (you don't have to cook the dish yourself) and Mizuki is now ready to go home.

Back at the Field map, Kazuki will reward you with the Amago Saute recipe.

Raccoon Dog moves in
If you just stand in the middle of the village, you may come across a wild Raccoon Dog. It may appear after a few minutes or you may have to wait for a while. When the Raccoon appears it asks immediately if you like animals. That's a little different than the questions the other animals have always asked, so tell it that you do.

The little guy will then continue to ask questions over and over. If you answer all 10 of them correctly the Raccoon Dog will tell you that it's moving to live in the Inn. If you want to visit the animal you can go into the Inn and talk to it near the staircase. Tanuki will say a word or two and then go back to doing nothing. You won't receive any reward for making Tanuki move to the Inn, but he is awfully cute sitting there. You'll see Tanuki in all of the Inns you visit.

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