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Master Chef Confidence
In the middle of the village you'll find a blond haired boy. He is eavesdropping on another person. The other man is talking to himself, talking about how he should retire. The blond boy explains that the man is his master, a first-rate chef. The chef sometimes becomes depressed and talks in this way. The apprentice thinks it's because the chef is bored with the local fish to cook. He asks you to bring some fish from other areas.

The first fish you need is a Big Itou that is at least 63 inches or larger. Those are back at the Waterfall in the Stream. Bring the large fish back to the apprentice and next he requests a Silver Buna that is 7 inches or bigger. You can find those in the Swamp, along the green algae water near the eastern bridge. After the Silver Buna you are to hunt down at least a 9 inch Oshorokoma from near the bridge where you met Naoko in the Stream. The last fish you need is a Big Grass Carp from the southern Rapids that's 50 inches or larger.

When finished the master Chef will come by and thank you for letting him cook all the different fish. In exchange he'll give you the recipe for Huge Catfish Miso Soup.

The Bankrupt Restaurant
Outside the fish shop is a Fishmonger, who is pacing back and forth. He is worried about his restaurant closing and asks if you have a King Akame and a Big Snakehead. One of his big customers is demanding to be served those two fish and he doesn't have any to cook up. The customer is threatening to bankrupt his restaurant the next time he comes to eat so the Fishmonger is in a panic. The fishmonger won't buy any fish from your Basket until you find the 2 fish for him.

King Akame can be found in the southern area of the Rapids map, and the Big Snakehead are around the coastline of the island in the southern area of the Swamp. Return the fish to the fishmonger and he will reward you with the Stewed Motsugo recipe.

Pop Star vs. Naoko
In the far south area of the Swamp you'll find Naoko talking with a prissy girl dressed in pink. The girl keeps complaining that the fishing bait is gross, even as Naoko is trying to convince her that she shouldn't be fishing. Ayu is determined to catch something.

Ayu notices you walking up and asks if you would teach her how to fish. Naoko objects but Ayu continues to complain how mean Naoko is because she won't teach her. The two of them argue until Ayu decides the issue will be settled by whoever catches the largest Electric Eel. Since Ayu doesn't know how to fish you get to catch the eel for her. You can catch them along the shores just north of where the two girls are arguing by using Small Fish or a Spinner lure.

Bring the Electric Eel back to Ayu and her Manager and the faceoff will begin. If the eel you brought back is 60 inches or larger you'll win and be rewarded with the Grilled Big Eel recipe.

The Straw Millionaire, part 5
Near the field west of the bridge you'll find an elderly man named Raiko. Raiko notices that you have a very Pretty Stone in your posession. If you agree to do an exchange with him, he will give you the Master Lure Rod and you will complete The Straw Millionaire quest line. The new fishing pole you received is the best Lure Rod available in the game, and you didn't even have to pay for it!

Final Showdown With Naoko
Once you help Ayu catch her fish, swim across the swamp to the island in the southeast corner. On the island you'll find Naoko. It's been decided that the "rivalry" between her and yourself should come to a close. Naoko says she's tired of normal competitions so she proposes a 7Up instead. The two of you will take turns catching fish of a specific size. You can only have that 1 fish in your Basket when you bring her the required fish.

Each time you are given a specific size of fish to catch and you bring it back, Naoko will take her turn at the challenge. Then it will be your turn again. Naoko doesn't take the fish out of your basket and since you can only bring 1 fish back to her, you will have to sell the last round's fish to the Fish Shop.

You will need to catch 4 fish; one that is 1 to 11 inches, 16 to 22 inches, 26 to 35 inches, and finally a fish that's larger than 40 inches. When the two of you are finished with 7Up your rivalry is over. Naoko is impressed with your fishing skill improvements and rewards you with the Boss Fly Rod.

The Last Treasure map
In the southeast corner you'll find a snotty little kid. Kazuma said he has drawn a map and he decided to give it to you. How nice! The clue on the Treasure Map reads The treasure is in a slightly hidden field of flowers. Just north of where Kazumi is you'll find a little path heading east. At the end of the path is a bed of flowers. When you use the Examine ability you will find the last Piece Of Something! If you put all 5 pieces together you will form the shape of a Fish Fossil. It's best to ask Old Smarty about it.

Head back to the Stream and talk with the sleepy old man. Smarty notices that the fossil is shaped like the River King and suggests you talk to the villagers. He also gives you the Master's Pole.

The other villagers talk about feeling an earthquake up north. If you take your Washtub to the Waterfall you'll discover you can go into a secret cave. You have unlocked the Underground Lake where the River King lives!

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