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Field Map

Field Map
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1. Tanago Fishing Contest
Catch the tiny fish from the rice paddys.

2. Fish Shop
Sell your fish here

3. Inn
It costs 25 G to spend the night and recharge your Hit Points

4. General Store

5. Bait Shop

6. Cooking Contest

7. Carp Fishing Contest
You have a better chance of catching the Carp from the northern pond instead of the southern pond

Field Fish

Itoyo Loach Herabuna
Itomoroko Tomiyo Big Herabuna
Eel Catfish Killifish
Carp Black Bass Motsugo
Sand Loach Monster Bass Snakehead
Tanago Bluegill Prawn
Tsuchifuki Pejerrey Crawfish
Fighting Fish

Field Stores

Bait Shop inventory

Carbon Rod 300 G
Casting Rod 400 G
Tanago Rod 500 G
Hera Rod 600 G
Fly Rod 400 G
Lure Rod 550 G
Pencil Bait 30 G
Vibration 65 G
Soft Lure 40 G
Spoon 30 G
Spinner Bait 80 G
Buzz Bait 85 G
Jig 20 G
Spinner 45 G
Nymph Fly 45 G
Worm 5 G
Shrimp 18 G
Fish Paste 7 G
Maggot 6 G
Fish Eggs 9 G
Small Fish 17 G

General Store inventory

Insect Net 200 G
Rice Ball 10 G
Box Lunch 100 G
Butter Grilled Iwana recipe 700 G
Raw Carp recipe 650 G
Chill Shrimp recipe 800 G
Grilled Eel recipe 1200 G
Salt Grilled Salmon recipe 700 G
Catfish Miso Soup recipe 700 G
Stewed Motsugo recipe 800 G
Medium Basket 400 G
Large Basket 500 G

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