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Mountain Map

Mountain Map
Englarge map

1. Fish Shop
Sell your fish here

2. Inn
Recharge your HP here for 10 G

3. Bait Shop

4. General Store

5. Cooking Contest
You have 5 minutes to cook 2 recipes

6. Bass Fishing Contest
You will have 5 minutes to catch the largest Black Bass you can

7. Benkei
If you complete his errand he will give you a little washtub boat

8. Nushi
A mysterious blue lake creature spends his time here with his human friend.

Mountain Fish

Ugui Rainbow Trout Bluegill
Oshorokoma Albino Rainbow Trout Red Salmon
River Trout Big Rainbow Trout Honmoroko
Pink Salmon Hasu Yamame
Gogi Higai Albino Yamame
Cherry Salmon Princess Salmon Smelt
Big Cherry Salmon Brown Trout Wataka
Salmon Great Brown Trout Frog
Donko Black Bass

Mountain Stores

Bait Shop inventory

Carbon Rod 300 G
Fly Rod 400 G
Lure Rod 550 G
Pencil Bait 30 G
Vibration 65 G
Soft Lure 40 G
Spoon 30 G
Spinner Bait 80 G
Jig 20 G
Spinner 45 G
Dry Fly 35 G
Worm 5 G
Shrimp 18 G
Frog 15 G
Insect 12 G
Bee Larva 7 G
Maggot 5 G

General Store inventory

Landing Net 250 G
Rice Ball 10 G
Box Lunch 100 G
Salt Grilled Ayu recipe 800 G
Butter Grilled Iwana recipe 700 G
Rainbow Trout Meneuire recipe 300 G
Smelt Tempura recipe 600 G
Fried Kajika recipe 600 G
Salt Grilled Salmon recipe 700 G
Sweet Stewed Honmoroko recipe 700 G
Medium Basket 400 G

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