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Rapids Map

Rapids Map
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1. Softshell Turtle Contest

2. Bait Shop

3. Fish Shop

4. Inn
It costs 20 G to spend the night and recharge your Hit Points

5. Cooking Contest

6. General Store

Rapids Fish

Aouo Bullhead Tamaroko
Akane Guppy Silver Carp
King Akane King Carp King Hakuren
Ina Bighead Carp Queen Salmon
Oikawa Albino Bighead Carp Mabuna
Oyanirami Big Bighead Carp Mugitsuku
Kamatsuka Satsuki Trout Roughskin Sculpin
Kamaruchi Grass Carp Turtle
Kawamutsu Big Grass Carp Softshell Turtle

Rapids Shops

Bait Shop Inventory

Casting Rod 400 G
Rabbit Bobber (Float C) 80 G
Pencil Bait 30 G
Minnow 50 G
Crank Bait 60 G
Spoon 30 G
Spinner Bait 80 G
Buzz Bait 85 G
Jig 20 G
Spinner 45 G
Wet Fly 40 G
Worm 5 G
Shrimp 18 G
Frog 15 G
Insect 12 G
Bee Larva 9 G
Fish Eggs 9 G
Small Fish 17 G

General Store inventory

Spade 150 G
Insect Net 200 G
Work Gloves 250 G
Rice Ball 10 G
Box Lunch 100 G
Butter Grilled Iwana recipe 700 G
Salt Grilled Salmon recipe 700 G
Large Basket 500 G

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