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Quiz Battle

Guinea pig
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pigs are easily stressed. True
The largest guinea pigs can reach 3 feet in size... False
Guinea pigs are resistant to heat. False
Guinea pigs were raised by the Incas for food. That's right.
There are guinea pigs with almost no hair. True
Do I have 20 or 30 teeth? 20!
Guinea pigs can hold their food in their hands True
Hair grows on the bottom of guinea pig's feet. False
Which has longer hair, the Peruvian or the English? Peruvian
Guinea pigs can't make vitamin C in their bodies. True
Have guinea pigs ever been owned as pets? Of course.
Guinea pigs hybernate. True.
Guinea pigs are called 'marmots' in Japanese. True.
English, Abyssinian, Persian. These are all kinds of guinea pig. True.
The Latin name for guinea pigs is Cavia porcelus. True.

Squirrels are from the family Sciuridae. True.

Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel
The Japanese name for flying squirrel is 'momonga'. Hai!
Flying squirrels are mammals. That's right.
Can flying squirrels live underwater? I doubt it.
Some flying squirrels cannot be owned as pets. That's not true.
Flying squirrels can be 3 feet long. False.
Flying squirrels' eyes are... Big

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