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Ushi No Tane
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The Easter Ruins are what the name implies, they were long ago abandoned by the Easter people who lived there, Long ago.

Your purpose in Life is to help restore the Ruins to their former glory and finally make the prophecy become true.

The ruins consists of four floors, all of which are available through a convenient elevator.

As you play the game you will gather jewels, when you insert 4 of a kind into one box field, that field will unlock the next day you wake up from bed, allowing you to produce even more crops. The jewels also serve another purpose other than that of unlocking fields and that is to allow you to open the sealed doors scattered on HeartFlame island.

There are 5 more doors in Easter Ruins - to the left of main entrance is Franco's room; to the right is Moonlight studio, both open from beginning of the game. Blue door on far left is Vending machines, and two orange doors on the far right are apartments - those doors are sealed and will be opened as you unlock altars in your fields with corresponding color

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