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Ushi No Tane
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There are six tools in Innocent Life, However only five may be carried with you (The fishing rod is only borrowed.) The main 5 are the usual Hoe, Hammer, Watering Can, Sickle, Axe.

As like the other HM games you start off with the level one items (although you need to purchase the Level 1 Hoe, Hammer, Sickle and Axe). The doctor provides you with the first watering can.

As you use the tools (once you buy them) you will see a number appearing above your head, that tells you the amount of experience (SP) you are gaining from the use, recorded as SP.

In your characters stats it will tell you how much SP you need to reach the next level. There are a total of 3 levels, the one you start with, the second level and the final level. With each new level you reach can use that corresponding tools effect. (Some what similar to the HM 3 for GB concept).

All new level items other than the lvl 2 Watering Can (Masami's Can) will be found as you progress through the story line, they are all found at some point in treasure chests.

With level 1 items you can only till/water/cut/flatten (Hoe, Can, Sickle, Hammer) the land one square at a time. The hammer can also break the small movable stones. The axe requires you to cut a branch 3 times before it is cut into wood pieces before.

Watering Can:

Doctors WC: You start out with this basic Watering Can. It will only water the square directly in front of you.

Masamis WC: Once you reach level 2, visit Masami at the bar or her home in the evening; she will give you this can, a level 2 Tool.

Using it normally will water it in a patch of threes in front of you (like the bronze level in HM:BtN or HM:FoMT, etc.)

If you hold the triangle button for 1-2 secs before releasing you water in a 3x3 patch, originating from the center of the place you are standing. Similar to the Golden sprinkler used from the SNES HM game.

Monsoon WC: Once you clear the mist from the Great Forest, there will be a chest just across the stream on the right that will have the level 3 watering can.

The level 3 one will allow you to water a 3x2 patch in front of you (like the silver can in previous ones).

If you hold triangle for 1-2 secs before releasing you water in a 5x5 patch.

If you hold it even longer (2-3 secs) you can water a patch the size of the screen.

This watering can used with Spirit water will allow you to grow things in Winter. Spirit water is located in the cow and chicken fields. Note: the exp gained from the lvl 1 charge up gives you 1+x amount of SP (the x being the amount of tilled land you watered). With level two it is 2+x (this also applies to the other tools)

Important note: You will need to level up you watering can ability so you will have the ability to use the monsoon watering can by winter if you hope to plant the poinsettias needed for the winter event. I suggest you do not allow your robot Forte to do all the watering for you.


At level 1, the Iron Hoe tills one square of land.

The Masters Hoe will plow a 1x3 section. If you charge it up it will allow you to till a 1x10 patch of land. You get the Master's Hoe in the Third Cave.

The Enchanted Hoe will plow a 3x3 section without a charge and a 6x3 section when charged.


The Iron Sickle cuts weeds one at a time. You can buy one at Millions or get one as a gift from Franco.

The Volcano Sickle also cuts one at a time. Charge up allows you to cut 3 at once. You get it in the Third Cave.

The Flame Sickle is the level 3 version of the tool.


All lvls: Smashes small stones and ore stones.

The Easter Hammer allows you to charge up and smash the larger stones. (With lvl 2 there is a definite chance of getting Stone Blocks from the stones)

The Earth Hammer is the level 3 version of the tool.


Lvl 1 requires you to hit a branch 3 times before cutting it. (0-2 piles of wood). Base SP gained is 0 for the first two hits and 4 on the final hit, with each pile of wood that randomly appears you gain 1 SP more. E.g you cut the branch and it produces 1 pile of wood, therefore the SP gained is 5.

The Masters Axe requires one hit on the branch (it also gives you 2 piles of wood every time. You get it in the Third Cave.

The Giants Axe appears to work the same as the level 2. (sometimes chops branches into Giant Wood when charged)

Seed bags

Surprisingly, seed bags are considered a tool in IL - so you can charge them as level 2 tool; first charge for 3 seeds, and longer charge for 9 (spread around you).

Fishing Rod

There are those that may have noticed that there is a fishing one. Once you reach a certain stage, you can find a fisherman randomly, talk to him if you want to fish. This does not seem to serve any purpose (you cannot keep the fish).

You level up with each fish you catch. Small fish are worth around 5-8 points, large fish can be around 30 points. Time stops while you are fishing.


The Water Gun allows you to water one square of soil without using any PP.

The Boomerang allows you to cut weeds without using any PP

Contributors: Xing, Chikita, Peach_Tea, Voda, Melody Muse

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