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Release Dates:
November 8, 2016
June 2, 2017

An unofficial guide covering
Harvest Moon: Skytree Village
for Nintendo 3DS

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is built off of the its predecessor, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. It has many of the same features as Lost Valley such as building graphics, animals, crops, area layout (you grow things in the "valley" while the town is in another area), and controlling the land by raising or lowering areas.

The Story of Skytree Village

In this version of the series, Skytree Village is situated in the Oasis of the Goddess, an area that was once lush and green. For reasons unknown, the Harvest Goddess who protected the land started to lose her powers and the villagers forgot she existed. Now the oasis is barren. As the main character, it is your task to revitalize the seven magical Skytrees in order to restore the vitality of the area.

As you proceed with reviving the dried-up Skytrees, people will start to come to the town near your farm house. At first there's no buildings in town, but as the people being to move back, houses will pop up. You can visit the villagers inside their houses, which sometime act as shops where you can buy and sell goods.

Game Features

Some of the villagers are returning from Lost Valley: the Harvest Sprites, Sam the merchant, Doc the most-awesome non-bachelor inventor, Sally and Naomi, Tabitha the World's Number One Witch, Gareth the Wizard, Underworld King Gorgon, the Harvest God, and the Harvest Goddess. New characters include marriage candidates and their families.

One of the improvements from Lost Valley are the farm tools. This time the tools can be upgraded to affect a larger area instead of affecting one square at a time, allowing players to greatly expand the area that they can use for growing crops. The highest tool level can cover up to 9 squares by 9 squares of area. The Harvest Sprites can also be hired to manage crop growth. Being able to handle larger areas for planting makes it easier to discover crop mutations.

A new animal introduced in this game is the Poitou Donkey. This mini horse isn't for riding, but its long fur can be clipped and then sold or crafted into new clothing outfits by one of the villagers.

Other new features include:

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