Story Walkthrough

As you begin your journey, you wander through the desolate land on your own. Your meandering is noticed by a mysterious, purple elf. The elf says that this valley is long forgotten, but wants to take you to meet the Harvest Goddess. A quick magic spell later you find yourself in a magical spring. Before you can catch your breath and figure out where you are, a magical lady appears in front of you! The woman says she is the Harvest Goddess and the land was once lush and prosperous. The goddess' power helped to make the land bountiful for the local villagers, but eventually the villagers begain to take her for granted. The villagers' power of caring stopped transferring to the goddess, and in turn her powers started to drain away. Once that happened the land dried up and the villagers moved away.

The Harvest Goddess explains that the Skytrees would need to be restored in order for her to regain her powers and restore the land's vitality. You jump at the opportunity to help the magical lady. Your personal power of caring has given her a little bit of magical power, which she was able to use to revive the first Skytree. With that another strange little elf appeared too! The yellow elf introduces himself as Rowan the Harvest Sprite. The goddess explains that there are a total of seven Skytrees in the land that need to be restored so that her powers will completely return. The power of caring is what revives the Skytrees, so she wants you to tend to the soil and care for the land to entice people to return to the nearby town. With that the Harvest Goddess gives you a shovel, watering can, and hoe, and assigns Rowan to be your little helper.

The two of you head back outside and notice that there is a little bit of green starting to appear. Rowan will give you a short tutorial on how to use your new hoe, plant seeds, water your new crops, and even shows you to your new farm house when you start to get tired. Your house comes with a bed, refrigerator, kitchen, bookshelf, and storage cabinet. Rowan instructs you to head to bed for the day.

At this point you will now be tasked with reviving the remaining six Skytrees. Villagers will move into the nearby town of Skytree Village. You will be growing crops, raising animals, fishing, and mining to complete requests given to you by the townsfolk, which in turn will help to restore the Skytrees.

Second Skytree

Third Skytree

Fourth Skytree

Fifth Skytree

Sixth Skytree

Seventh Skytree

What You'll Need to Collect

To progress through the story you'll be completing specific requests given to you by the villagers and others. The items you'll need at some point for completing story-based requets are:

3 Cabbage
1 Marguerite
4 Perch
3 Grilled Perch (you'll make this as part of the kitchen tutorial)
1 Material Stone (3 Stone)
8 Softwood Lumber
4 Corn
1 Black Bass
3 Mosquitofish
1 Tomato
10 Celery
2 Hot Pepper
2 Milk
1 Strawberry Jam, made using 1 Strawberry and 1 Sugar
2 Glass (6 Glass Material)
1 Mithril (3 Mithril Ore)
3 Iron (9 Iron Ore)
1 Gold (3 Gold Ore)
1 Hardwood Lumber
1 Ultimate Milk